One of the coolest things I learned recently is that we can’t delete from the human neurosystem, but we can add to it and multiply. So, for example, say you’ve been experiencing X intrusive thoughts for awhile now. You’ve done several compulsions on them, reacted, and made them thoughts stronger. You’d love to just delete them and have them gone forever. So sorry, but this is not in your control. BUT, our neurosystem does work with addition and multiplying. You can add to it and you can multiply.

Sooo, the reason this is important is because, by first allowing whatever X was to be there, while also choosing to put your attention on what matters to you and what you value, you’re adding and multiplying those things into your life. The things that are real and of importance to you. The things that are going to create more love in your life, and more meaning.

You don’t have to care about each and every thought in your head. The ones that are OCD and the ones that aren’t serving you are just farts. A thought is just a thought. You can choose which you’re attending to.

You have to be careful not to turn this into another compulsion though by using it to try to make yourself feel better or neutralize a thought. It’s important to have a gentle acceptance for whatever the heck is going on in your brain, while also deciding what you’re going to attend to. You’re not trying to make anything go away. You’re simply making a choice. You can’t choose what pops up in your head anymore than you can choose what clouds are in the sky, but you can make a decision to attend to what matters to you – your values – no matter what intrusive thought or uncomfortable feeling you might be experiencing. You can get clear on what you’re going to choose to believe and give importance to, and let those old beliefs that are no longer in line with where you want to go, fall away. It’s a matter of acceptance of what is in each and every moment, while taking action in line with what you value and how you want to live life, no matter what. You got this!!