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May 2016

I just don’t care – an open letter

I just don’t care. Did I get you with that title? It’s true. This is an open letter sharing what I mean by that. I’ve gotten to a point where I just don’t care, that is, about the not important things in life. I don’t care. Continue reading “I just don’t care – an open letter”

Watching things shift ~ and how I changed my decision-making OS

Instilling new beliefs and ways of operating does take time, but with persistence, intention, and clarity on how you want to be and what you want to do in this world, it’s SOOO within your power. I’m seeing it happen for myself, and the speed at which it’s happening now is mind blowing. It’s tangible. I’m changing and growing and learning so fast, and it’s because of this determination, intention, persistence, action, and clarity of values. Continue reading “Watching things shift ~ and how I changed my decision-making OS”

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