Instilling new beliefs and ways of operating does take time, but with persistence, intention, and clarity on how you want to be and what you want to do in this world, it’s SOOO within your power. I’m seeing it happen for myself, and the speed at which it’s happening now is mind blowing. It’s tangible. I’m changing and growing and learning so fast, and it’s because of this determination, intention, persistence, action, and clarity of values.

You have a choice about what you will and won’t allow into your life. This is true with what you choose to believe as well. And making a loving choice for yourself in what beliefs you cultivate can permeate every corner of your life. They have the potential to do so in the most amazing ways possible when done and with love, care, purpose, and intention.

I want to share a powerful example and just one of the ways this is happening for me: finding ease in making decisions.

In the past, for as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with making decisions. I would take it into my head and go over and over and over it, blend it until pulverized, weighing all the possible options and outcomes, trying so hard to figure out which is best and right. I would think and think and get nowhere, and sometimes even after the decision was made, I would not feel good about it because I wouldn’t feel sure that it was the best decision.

I would ruminate and obsess and try and try so hard to make the decision that would have the ultimate solution.

Instead of enjoying life, which is something I highly value, in those moments I would be stressed and distracted and disconnected from what was happening in the precious present moment.

I guess I got sick and tired of it, and deep down I knew there was a better way, and there was a different way I wanted to operate and be in this world. One of my three words of the year is INNER KNOWING, and I knew that my goal was to be able to trust that voice of knowing and just go with it, and have faith, and think a whole lot less.

So I started taking action in line with this goal, and big shifts started to happen. Miracles really. Old ways of operating started to fall away piece by piece. It started to become harder to act in the old way of struggle, dis-ease, and trying so hard to figure out and be certain.

I started to experience more flow and ease in decision-making. I started to trust that inner voice that had such a simple and easy message. I started to listen to it the first time I heard it, not ignore it for 15 or 100 times. I started to listen and just go with it, make the decision, and be done with it, knowing that whatever decision is was, it was the right one because it was made. I started to feel more ease, peace, freedom, and lightness.

I believe a huge key to being able to do this was ripping up old, unhelpful beliefs that limited me, and planting new ones that allowed me to feel free, expressed, authentic, loved, and lots of other goodness.

Because I chose to instill the belief that I can handle all that life brings to me with grace and ease, and continue to take action even in the face of fear, anxiety, doubt or otherwise, each and every decision didn’t have so much gravity and weight anymore. It was just a decision. I didn’t have to worry so much what might or might not happen as a result of the decision, because I knew that I could handle all that life brings me – I always have. I didn’t have to try so hard to figure out “the best”. There was more room for me to TRUST myself, make a decision, and know that I got this.

Because I chose to instill the belief that I am perfect exactly as I am and love is always here for me, I no longer had room for the belief that “It’s really important what people think and they only think good things about me,” and essentially, “I’ll lose love if ____ (fill in the blank with any number of things)” or “there’s something wrong with me.” This allowed me to let go of the added pressure I had put on decisions, wanting to factor in what everyone would think about it, if they would like it, what they would think of me, and how they would feel.

Deciding to let go of judgements as well as attachments to particular outcomes allowed me to begin making decisions with ease as well. I wasn’t so attached to the perfect outcome or making a decision that would allow for the most ultimate and best scenario because I started to realize that those are just judgements. I value experiences and life more than I value trying to figure out and obtain “the ultimate” or chase “the best”. It can all be perfect and the best and ultimate just by being present for life and experiencing, trusting and having faith. I took a simpler route of listening to that inner voice of knowing, that only speaks from a place of love and wisdom. The message was always short, sweet, and clear. By not trying so hard to figure out what was “the best”, I had more clarity to make the decision that felt best at that time, and trust it. And then just experience.

Here’s a little snippet of the conversation I had with myself when trying to make a decision recently about whether or not to travel to see my friend for her birthday. It was amazing feeling myself straddling the old and new way of operating, and making that leap towards the new:

“Why do I feel scared to commit?”

“I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong decision.”
“I’m afraid I won’t feel good.”
“I’ll be spending money. What if I shouldn’t spend the money?”

Essentially: Lots of thinking, thinking, thinking and trying to figure out  and be sure.

“What does my intuition tell me?”

“Just go. There’s nothing to figure out. Just go and have an experience. Be grateful that you can be there for your friend for her 30th bday. Experiences and action!”

The easy, clear answer that felt in line.

“How do I want to handle this?”

“With ease, trusting my decisions, flowing. I’m a new me now! I can handle all that life brings me with grace and ease.”

I made a decision about how I want to move forward being in this world, and what I value. And I believe in myself.

“Why don’t I feel excited?”

“In the past you’ve had a difficult time. This isn’t the past anymore. And also because you don’t know ‘for sure’. Fuck ‘for sure’.”

Enough said.

And then I made my decision and just went with it. And it felt good. It felt so much easier.

Instilling new habits and new belief systems is magic-making work 🙂 With clarity, consistency, and determination you can experience tangible shifts. You hold the power within you to create the life you desire and the life of your dreams. If you know something is no longer in line and isn’t working for you, dig deep. Find out what underlying beliefs are perpetuating the pattern, and find a way to rip those roots up and plant new ones. And rather than spend your time practicing things that make you feel awful in the long-term, spend your time practicing those. Fill your time up practicing helpful beliefs that set you free, and practicing trust and faith and love, rather than practicing unhelpful beliefs that limit you and don’t allow you be all of the amazingness that you were put on this Earth to be. Then watch the magic happen 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤