(Although this post isn’t directly about OCD, in many ways, it applies. And it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want šŸ˜‰ And it’s important.)

I’ve witnessed it before, in both myself and in others.

This choice.Ā This decision.

And it’s such a beautiful thing. This beautifulĀ embracing. JustĀ OWNING it.

Loving every single inch.

It feels so good and true and real. It feels so in line with who I am. And I love seeing it in others.

I love breathing fully into my belly and letting it expand. I love all the miracles that my body performs for me in every singleĀ second of every single day.

I just love my body!!! Exactly as it is.

And I’m gonna keep loving it as it changes. Because it will always change. Life is not stagnant but instead, it is constantly changing and evolving. I embrace my beautiful body as it is in each moment. I just love it. No matter what, I love it. ā¤

I eat when I’m hungry, and in general, I stop when I’m full. It’s not a perfect science but it’s perfect to me.

When I exercise, I do it because itĀ feels good. Because I know my body craves it. I choose movement and exercise that fill me up and bring me health, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. I choose to move my body and take care because I want to continue to be healthy now andĀ for my the rest of myĀ life, and continue to experience more vitality, peace, energy, and connection with myself as a result.

And I listen to my body.

My body shows up for me every single day. I love my body so much, that when I try to get into the old headspace of rejection and hate (and I used toĀ liveĀ in that place), it appearsĀ illogical. How could I ever reject something that is literally a physical and tangible example of miracles? Rejection doesn’t even make sense.

I’m writing this because so often I hear others speaking of this hate and denial of their body. It’s so commonplace, but it doesn’t have to be. Loving your body now, exactly where it is, doesn’t mean “giving up” and never making any changes. (Sometimes thisĀ gets confused.) If there are ways you truly want to transform, you can do that without rejecting where you’re at right now. In fact, you can do that with greater ease and enjoyment if it’s coming from this place of love.

Your body is a miracle, and it deserves loving honor and care.

So let go, and love. ā¤