I want to remind you, as you’re moving through recovery, when things can feel difficult and challenges feel great, that this is only part of your story.

This is a part of who you are, but it is not you. It’s a part of your journey and what you’re experiencing right now.

It can be hard when you’re in the middle of it to see another way and to see something else – To imagine yourself and your life as it will be when you step into mental health and living as your free and true self. It can even be hard sometimes to see what’s actually going really well. It can seem like the way things are right now and these challenges are just the way things are, and the only reality. It’s like you’re holding a book right in front of your face, making it hard to see that there’s a whole room around you, and a whole world outside of that.

But this is just a chapter. There may be some challenges in this chapter, but they don’t have to always be there in that way. There is so much amazingness ahead. There is joy, peace, freedom, purpose & meaning, abundance, and so much love. In fact, it’s all here for you right now as you open up to it. Especially love. Love is always here. If you are believing in yourself, doing your best to take care, and taking action according to your values, you are stepping into this.

By allowing ourselves to focus on what we envision and desire for ourselves, and what we know to be true and possible in the deepest, truest parts of ourselves, we can continue to see more clearly and not only imagine this place, but move quickly towards it. We can open up to such peace, clarity, and purpose.

On those days when it gets really hard, allow yourself to have even just moments of this dreaming and envisioning. In fact, do it everyday. It will work wonders for you, I promise. Those dreams and desires are 100% absolutely possible. Live in the reality of possibility. 🙂

This isn’t some gimmick or tool – This is the true power of believing in yourself, and using your energy and attention to focus on what really truly matters to you, what you know to be true, and what you want to create in your life.

So here you are in this chapter. It’s a part of your journey, but it is not the whole story. Remember that. The pages are unfolding. What happens next? What’s the next chapter? What story are you going to write?