I used to be so resistant to change. Why?! Why resist that?! Change is where we evolve and grow. Yet I resisted because I wanted to hold onto what I knew, and feared what I didn’t. But it’s in change where possibilities lie. Don’t get me wrong: It’s incredibly important to appreciate where you’re at and all that your life is, and relish that. But it’s equally as important to not hold on. In holding on, we give up on other things that could be. As the old adage goes, “When one door closes, a window opens.” So true. When we let go, we allow.


It took taking action IN THE FACE OF fear to learn this lesson. I’m so happy I learned it now and not later, because my life will be tenfold more magical, adventurous, expansive, joyous, and blissful as a result. I get to practice this ballsiness for the rest of my life. (That’s a word, right?:) I took action in line with what I knew in the deepest part of me to be my truest desires and purpose, even when it felt scary as hell. Even when it meant giving up what was really really good, only for the belief of what I knew could be.


(Isn’t it funny how scary the unknown can be even when there is no real danger?)


And I was and continue to be rewarded tenfold. As I sink into this being ok with things changing, seriously, magic is happening around me. Synchronicity. My life is expanding, blossoming, and unfolding. And FAST. Even when, some of the time, I’m just taking little actions everyday, the results are BIG.


I was so scared for things to change in my relationship. They were so good, and I was scared that if we made a change and committed more deeply, we’d somehow lose what was good. And I’m not saying the transition was always graceful, but in the end, by being ok with things changing no matter what, and trusting in myself to navigate, to vision, to dream, and to create what newness was meant to be born, my RELATIONSHIP has expanded, too!!! I was ok with letting the new in. The possibilities.


And it had a ripple effect. The action I took there and the changes I made, the choices and the commitments, because they were so in line with my highest wisest self and I fully trusted, they’ve rippled into all areas of my life. I needed to make changes in my living environment, and uplevel my relationship, in order to be set up to make the changes in my work life and begin living more fully the life of my dreams. I didn’t know all of this when I took those actions. I didn’t know that that was also part of the reason. But I see it so clearly now. The change was meant for me for more than one reason.
I moved, I changed my work environment, and I’m beginning to change my career as well. In big ways. Change is coming, whether I like it or not. (But lucky for me, now it seems I do:) And in fact, in this world, there only IS change. With the exception of the essence of who we are, our true spirit, everything is changing, always. When we can identify that we’re resisting it, and then let the fuck go and let it happen, evolution happens. And then life is allowed to be the adventure it’s meant to be. There are SO MANY possibilities for this life. Change allows the space for them. Letting in this inevitability of change allows life to flow through you and for you.