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November 2016

You were meant to be FREE!

Do you remember a time when you were little when you just felt FREE?! Maybe you were dancing around your living room. Maybe you were laughing with a friend. Maybe you were playing dress up, or just playing pretend. Maybe you were digging for something in a sandbox. Whatever it was, can you think of a time? Continue reading “You were meant to be FREE!”

When feelings don’t go your way

Sometimes anxiety and stress work on their own timeline. What I mean by that is, you might know, “there’s no reason for me to be worrying!”, or, “I can’t stop thinking about this issue, even though I know I’m fine.” Yet you still feel the feelings of anxiety or worry.  Continue reading “When feelings don’t go your way”

Don’t let OCD get in the way

If you’re waiting to feel better before you start living your life, that time is never going to come. You have to start living, now, as hard as it may be. It’s in discovering the things that you value, and taking daily consistent action in the directions of those values, that you will heal. Continue reading “Don’t let OCD get in the way”

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