Do you remember a time when you were little when you just felt FREE?! Maybe you were dancing around your living room. Maybe you were laughing with a friend. Maybe you were playing dress up, or just playing pretend. Maybe you were digging for something in a sandbox. Whatever it was, can you think of a time?

THAT IS WHO YOU ARE! This essence. This being that came into the world as LOVE.

I know things can feel so far from that when you’re struggling and when life feels confusing and painful.

But know that you are meant to be free. You are meant to have the life you desire. You are meant to feel powerful, confident, capable, and loved.

And in case this is difficult, and you’ve really forgotten, I want you to think of a song you like, one that’s danceable, and blast it. Right now. Blast it, and move your body. I guarantee that you will feel differently than you did the moment before. In these little ways we can begin to remember something bigger. The Truth of who you are is so much more than you’re seeing right now. Your potential is infinite, and has nothing to do with your past or where you are right now.

I want nothing more than to see you free from the pain that is weighing you down, and seeing you letting all that amazing YOU out into the world! Unleashing it!!!

Comment below and let me know what this inspires in you, and one tiny thing you can do today to feel that freedom and tap into the real YOU. ❤