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December 2016

What’s fueling your anxiety?

At the root of every symptom is a cause. And if you’re struggling with OCD and perfectionism, the symptoms (the anxiety, obsessions, compulsions) are the products of the things that are fueling the fire. Continue reading “What’s fueling your anxiety?”

The opposite of perfectionism

I’ve noticed in talking to many people, that OCD and perfectionism tend to go hand in hand. And for myself, perfectionism is a theme that has come up BIG TIME, especially as I grow into this next version of myself, and stepping out more fully into the world. When we take risks, and allow things to not be perfect, it can feel unsettling, unfamiliar, and uncertain. Continue reading “The opposite of perfectionism”


Recovering from an anxiety disorder requires a lot of GRACE… A lot.

So what is grace? That’s a great question! Continue reading “Grace”

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