Today is my birthday 🙂


And this birthday feels different than the other ones. And it’s not cause I’m one year older…


I’ve always loved my birthday. I love celebrating, receiving freebie gifts from my favorite stores in the mail, and planning fun things to do with the people I love 🙂


But this one feels different. It feels richer. It feels calmer.


The reason is, there’s nothing I need. I have everything I want and need in life. And that’s not to say I’m done and all set by any means. No way! It’s just that, what I’ve always really truly wanted, when it really came down to it, was to feel peace, internally, and to feel amazing about who I am.


I wanted to feel at home.


I’m home baby! And boy, does it feel good.


And life continues to get better and better.


I’m sharing this with you because I’m feeling so much joy and gratitude in my heart. It wasn’t always this way, feeling this peace and so much joy inside. For a long time, it was despair, sadness, anxiety, fear… Those were my most everyday feelings.


Now, I wake up everyday grateful to be alive and to have another go at it 🙂 I’m grateful for my health, and a body that moves with me. I’m grateful for the AMAZING people in my life, who multiply exponentially the love I feel inside. ❤ ❤ ❤


And I wouldn’t change one thing about what got me here. Every single challenge brought the blessings of new wisdom and strength. And as life is a continual journey, I welcome with open arms all the challenges present and future, that are perfectly placed along my path to bring me even closer to my highest and most authentic self, and this great big life I’m creating and living. 😀


I wanted to share, from my heart to yours, the true joy and meaning that can come from living a life that is in line with your values and what’s important to you, and being connected to who you truly are. I experience such deep and high levels of joy and bliss now, and it’s not because I don’t feel the sadness, fear, anxiety, or other uncomfortable emotions at times. It’s because I do feel them. I feel them ALL. I EMBRACE them. They move through me. And it’s because, when they do show up, they no longer drive me.


I feel them, and I still take action in line with what matters to me.


Being connected to my highest self and my inner wisdom gives me the power and energy to do so.


So today, on my birthday, I wanted to celebrate, and share with you. Wherever you are on your journey, know that those desires that are in your heart are there for a reason – because they are meant for you. I know that at times it can be SO HARD, and it can feel like you’re trapped and there’s no way out. But there is. So I encourage you, wholeheartedly, to keep going. You are worth it. LIFE is worth it.


Feeling so much gratitude, peace, and joy in my heart, and wanting to share that with you.



With love,