This kitty seems to be feeling pretty great feeling uncomfortable.

How do you feel good AND feel anxious, or angry, or sad at the same time?


Are you ready for the answer?


Start feeling.


It’s really that simple. You have to START.


Right now, I’m guessing when feelings like fear, anxiety, shame, sadness, or guilt come up, not only do you not like it, but you try to make it better. Chances are, you do a whole lot with these emotions, other than really feel them.


And the thing is, this actually makes them MORE intense, not less. Because you’re adding layers to the feeling with your resistance.


Instead, there are several ways that you can start feeling more comfortable no matter what you’re feeling. But the thing is, you have to start. Because this takes practice.


So here are some ways to get going:

#1 Get really curious

Instead of trying to change the emotions, judging it, pushing it down, running from it, or whatever you’re doing besides feeling it, try getting curious. This takes a more observational standpoint, and actually allows you to begin to understand your emotions a little more. You can think about questions like:

  • Where do I feel this in my body?
  • How big is this emotion?
  • If this had a color, what would it be?

You can get creative with the questions or simply just start to wonder a little more, and be a little playful with it.

#2 Become an observer

Become an observer of your emotions in a way that still allows you to be present will help you understand better what you’re feeling as well. Use the statement, “Isn’t that interesting…” This removes the need to judge, label, or give meanings to your emotions, and instead allows you to simply feel and let them move through you. If you start to use this one, it’s a game changer!

#3 Shift your mindset

Who said feeling sad was bad?! How do you know that it’s “bad”? Can you be sure? What if, everything you’re feeling is exactly what you need to be feeling? If you’re struggling with your emotions, it might be time to give your mindset a check.



So what do you think? Where are you at right now in terms of your tolerance for a range of emotions? Share in the comments below.



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