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April 2017

Have you made your decision yet?


I’ve been trying to think back recently, now being on “the other side” of OCD, to what I did to recover. I mean I know what I did, but sitting down to think through all of the HOW, so that I can share it with you, hasĀ been adding another level to it.

How do you share that? There was so much that happened. There were decisions I made, practices I developed, support I sought out…

But I want to share with you today one vital piece that was pivotal, and now being able to reflect and see what all the pieces were that came together, this is one that has to be there. Continue reading “Have you made your decision yet?”

And then there was scuba

I wanted to share with you a story of something that I experienced recently that was amazing, and had I not gone through recovery from OCD, I would never have experienced. Continue reading “And then there was scuba”

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