Hello beautiful soul!


Wow, what a journey I’m on. My life is expanding in ways that sometimes feel unbelievable. I’m now coaching and mentoring women, a dream I’ve had deep down for a long time. I’m building my business, learning new skills, and throwing myself into new situations constantly.

And throughout it all, I’ve noticed how easy it is to forget how far I’ve come. It wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t even know I had OCD. It wasn’t too long ago that I was completely controlled and driven by my thoughts and emotions. And it wasn’t too long before that, that I didn’t believe in myself, and gave others value and worth, but not myself.

Instead of recognizing how far I’ve come, too often, I’ve felt overwhelmed by everything I want to get done – the things I want to learn, the ways I want to serve, what I want to create…

This has been the biggest transformational process of my life. I thought recovering from an eating disorder and OCD was challenging. But this is requiring me to take everything I’ve learned, and use it on a massive scale, and f’ing LET GO and SURRENDER!

Thankfully, I have the support of coaches, teachers, and mentors, and the skills to be able to pause and go within. I’m able to navigate new and unchartered waters using the wisdom I’ve gained along the path that is now behind me, as I move forward to create something that isn’t yet fully seen on that path that is now ahead.

And at times, it can be so f’ing scary! I’ve felt so much fear come up. But the reason I keep going is because my emotions don’t make my decisions. I do. My higher self does. My intuition… And no matter what I’m feeling or even thinking, I move forward in the direction of where I’m being called. In the direction of what I value. And in the direction of what scares me but also calls me forward.

So yesterday I took a pause. I reevaluated, and reassessed. I made a massive shift in mindset, and decided on some practical changes that will allow me the time and space to create what is coming through me to be created.

And what I was reminded of in a big way was that – I am perfectly where I’m meant to be. This is a belief that I had to cultivate big time throughout recovery from OCD.

It was SO HARD to accept that I had days of pure anxiety, thoughts that didn’t “make sense” and disturbed me, and incessant loops going on in my mind that felt like would never end.

It was SO HARD to accept this, and make my truth, “This is where I’m perfectly meant to be.”

But that was the only way I was going to be able to move forward. If I had spent my time and energy REJECTING where I was. Denying it. Fighting it… All I would have created was simply MORE of it.

I had to accept it.

And that did not mean that I was happy about the situation, or that that’s how I wanted things to remain. No, not at all! It was fucking awful at times!!

But, it did mean that, for whatever reason, that was where I needed to be.

Accepting it and allowing it gave me the power to move forward.

The truth is, we are always perfectly where we’re meant to be. We are always doing the best we can at any given moment.

Can you feel that? If you give yourself a moment to forgive the judgements you’ve been placing on yourself or your situation, can you feel, for a moment, that you’re doing the best you can?

Owning and EMBRACING where you are at gives you the power to move forward.

However, instead, we too often reject where we’re at as:

  • not good enough
  • not far enough
  • not enough
  • unworthy of love
  • bad
  • unacceptable
  • lacking
  • unlovable
  • wrong
  • insufficient…

I could go on, but you get the point. We throw these judgements on ourselves, partially because we compare ourselves to others who are farther along, who appear to “have it all together”. Or, we are unwilling to experience our current experience.

But as we learn to universal truth that We are perfectly where we’re meant to be, this paradoxically allows us to move forward to somewhere else. To the next version of ourselves.

So if you’re judging where you’re at, how far along you are, what you still have yet to accomplish… How can you celebrate how far you’ve come? Think back to one year ago, and how far you’ve come in just this past year!!! Or even these past six months!!

And if you’re comparing where you’re at to where others are, does this universal truth allow you to let go of that comparison and know that you are a totally unique and perfectly made soul, and you’re life is blossoming in total perfection?

I’d love to hear from you. Share in the comments below. In what ways do you relate to what I’m sharing? In what way are you going to celebrate exactly where you’re at today?

With love and gratitude,