You are perfectly where you’re meant to be, dear one.

There is nothing you need to know in this moment that you don’t already know.

Just be. Just for a moment. Slow down to feel the safety in what is. The perfection in this moment, just as it is.

Can you feel that?

You are so supported in ways you can’t even see right now.

Breathe that in.

We’re not so separate, you and I. There are ways we’re connected beyond what we can imagine.

This is not a time to hide, or to play safe.

This is a time to open up. To begin to see more of yourself, so that others may as well.

The world needs YOU.

You, exactly as you truly are.

There is no thing more perfect than you as you are.

Let go. Let go of the ways you’ve been trying. You don’t need to try. You are enough.

It’s all already within you.

That thing you want out there? It’s here already, you just might not see it or feel it yet. But it’s here.

EVERYTHING in your heart – it’s there for a reason – because it is MEANT for you.

No single person has the same dream in their heart… Have you ever thought about that? There’s something to that.

It’s your dream for a reason.

There is a divine reason you’re called to this dream. Even if it’s just a tiny spark right now. Or a whisper. Or maybe so loud you can never unhear it…

Even if you don’t know what it is yet, it’s happening.

Even if you think you know, it’s something better.

There is so much available to you in each moment. So much abundance. So much love. So much bliss. Even in the shitty moments. If you get really present, it’s all there.

We’re on this amazing river, an ocean at times. Sometimes with wild waves and currents, with storms and rain, and other times with calm, and we’re just floating along. It’s all welcome. It’s all perfect.

Ride it. Grab your surfboard. You’ve got this.

If you knew how perfect you are, how unconditionally loved you are, what would you do?

What would you say?

What would you let go of?

Do that.

Say that.

Let that go.

Sending you so much love, to all of you. All the parts. I love it all.

From my heart and somewhere within me, filters off.