Yep! That’s right. I’m a singer in a band. It’s been a dream of mine off and on for years. And it’s actually here!


You might be wondering why I’m sharing this – what’s it to you?


There are a few reasons why, so stick with me for a minute.

One of my core beliefs, that has proven to be true time and time again for myself and my clients, is: If there is a desire in your heart, it’s there for a reason – because it is meant for you.


I don’t know where this desire came from. And for a long time it didn’t seem possible. Where would I find these musicians? How would we get together? Was I good enough? Could I ever be?


But fortunately the Universe is always conspiring in our favor. More than we can even realize.


I trusted what I heard within myself a few years ago, to begin taking voice lessons (finally), even though it seemed late in the game.

And serendipitously, two years later, new owners took over the studio and began offering ensembles in addition to individual lessons.


So, Better Late was born. That’s my band. I wish I had a picture for you, but hopefully I will soon!

Maybe just imagine this –



Or this –



It’s not us but it’s a nice placeholder for now  😝


We’re named after that phrase, “Better late than never,” cause, isn’t it? We may have started late, but we started. That counts almost more than anything. To just start. Sometimes that’s the hardest part.


And we’re about to perform our first show ever this Friday.


None of us have all that much experience.


We’re definitely not professionals.


And, I could go out there and focus on that… On some perceived lack or not-good-enoughness.


This week, as I feel the nerves come up, I could focus on that too and worry about the things I don’t want to happen. They’ve crossed my mind of course. (Like, “people will hate it,” or “I’ll forgot all the words. I’ll open my mouth and nothing will come out!”)


I could address the crowd from this place of, “Oh, I’m new. I’ve never really done this…” And from that fear of being judged.




This week, I could still feel all those feelings, allow those thoughts, welcome them, but focus on:


Visualizing the show going amazingly…

Seeing everyone having so much fun…

Seeing myself having so much fun, and feeling those feelings NOW…


I could give myself credit for all the times I’ve practiced (even if it could have been more), and remind myself that, “I can do this!”


I could give myself permission to make a mistake, and reframe that as an inevitable part of success… Because it is.


I can choose to believe in what’s possible, even if it feels scary and uncertain.


It’s always a choice.


Mindset is everything. And it’s a muscle. We have to work it out. We get to create our reality in this way.


Sihich muscles do you want to flex? The ones that say you can’t? Or the ones that say you can?


The ones that doubt yourself and what’s possible for you, and affirm lack? Or the ones that lift you up, and put yourself on your own side?


Make a conscious choice today, and see what feels better. Then notice the outcomes. Notice what you create, and how powerful you are when you use that big, beautiful mind of yours in this way.


It’s usually the only thing standing in our way.


So if there’s a desire in your heart, trust that not only is it there for a reason… it’s also MEANT for you.


Choose to start.


And most importantly, choose the mindset muscles that you want to practice… I choose option two. The one that feels good, because it’s what’s true.


Wish me luck this weekend 🙂


With joy,