Are you going so fast you sometimes feel you can barely catch a deep breath?

The moment you sit down, do you think about the twenty other things you should be doing besides resting for a minute?

Does the idea of taking time for yourself seem selfish, and like it’s taking time away from what you need to be doing or your family and relationships?


We live in a culture that glorifies busyness and multi-tasking, yet we deeply crave to feel some relief and feel some of the weight lifted from this burden of always needing to do more.


Bigger, better, faster? I’d argue on the ‘better’ part.


I believe our society is in a busyness epidemic. We have more things to do than we can possibly fit into 24 hours in a day.


And it’s leaving so many women burnt out, exhausted, and with a sense of heaviness. Having time to relax and time for yourself seems like an elusive wish or the carrot at the end of the stick.


But it does not have to be this way. There are ways to create time for yourself, AND feel good about it (not selfish or guilty or worried you won’t get enough done if you do).


You CAN create your schedule in a way that allows time and space for YOU, to relax, to tune in to yourself, to just be, to enjoy, to let go… No matter if you have kids, a demanding job, or a ton of dreams you’re working on.


Imagine how good that would feel to create a life and lifestyle where you’re able to take care of yourself, and not feel the need to go a million miles a minute, AND also get more done (and better quality time and work) as a result.


One powerful and simple way to do this is by shifting your understanding of taking time for yourself. Many women look at this time as selfish. They believe that it takes away from their other relationships, from time they could be with their family, or checking more things off their to-do list.


But what I want you to understand is that giving yourself the time you need for yourself is an act of LOVE.


Think about it – When you don’t take the time you need for yourself, you show up in your other relationships partially there. You end up more easily agitated. You have a harder time having compassion.


The people you love don’t really receive what you want to share with them, because you’re energy isn’t filled up enough to really share it. Not in all its potential at least.


You’re work becomes fragmented, because you’re more easily distracted, overly tired, or giving from an empty cup. So you can’t really show up in all your potential here either.


So what’s more selfish, really?


When you shift your perspective and begin to see how loving it is to take care of yourself in this way – not only for yourself, but for everyone you love and everything you care about – it makes the decision much easier to create the time.


The priority level for having this time shifts as well, making it easier to hold the new commitment you’re making to yourself.


The truth is, it doesn’t even require that much time. Maybe you start with 15 minutes, and see what a difference it makes in your life to be more loving (to not just yourself, but to everyone) in this way.


Small steps and big shifts 🙂


So what do you think? Are you willing to try out a simple mindset shift, and start planning a little time for you?


If you’d like even more insight and tools around this, you can check out a radio interview with me and my friend Jillian Beth. We talk about more simple tools and shifts to have some slow down and relief in your life.

Check it out here.

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And if this resonates with you, and you want to start creating a life where you feel more peaceful, have more fulfilling relationships, and feel confident and secure within yourself, sign up for a Clarity Session with me now so I can help you in having all of that and more. Sign up here!