That pesky fear of being judged…
How does it show up in your life?
I know I experience it when I think about putting myself out there more, and sharing my message in a bigger or more vulnerable way.

And when it comes up, it’s how I know what my next step is. The fear is like a compass.
But that fear – it can be INTENSE. It can cloud you, and make things confusing.
So my message to you today is, please do not let it hold you back!
Here’s the TRUTH, no matter what the fear says:
❤️  You have something valuable to share with this world.
❤️  You have something important to say.
❤️  You’re here for an important reason.
❤️  YOU are important.
What would you do, if you weren’t afraid of what people would think?
What would you say if you weren’t worried?
Really, what is it?

We have to feel the fear, and do it anyways.

The good thing is, on the other side of courageous action is **clarity** and **confidence**.

And it sucks sometimes! Why do we have to do it? Why does it have to be scary?
Why? Because that’s growth. That’s your evolution. Your journey through to YOU and to experiencing peace and security within yourself.
Staying behind your fear keeps you exactly where you’re at. You stay stuck. You feel more fear staying, than you would just doing the damn thing. I promise you that.
But facing, embracing your fear, and moving towards it, sets you FREE.
It may feel totally uncomfortable, but it’s temporary. It’s the pain of growth.
And the alternative is staying in the pain of staying stuck, limited, and afraid.
The confusion can be cleared up with that simple question, that you know the answer to within yourself –
What would you do or say, if you weren’t afraid of what people think?
And that discomfort from the fear, and the thought of what they’ll think? That can be cleared up with one simple step –
Action. Do or say that very thing.

So what’s it for you? I challenge you to use that fear like a compass, and do the damn thing.

You’ve got this.