Happy new year!! How is this year starting off for you? For me, it’s been all the things – I spent time traveling to see friends and family, took a break from work, and spent time at home decluttering and creating a fresh space for this new year and next phase in my life.

The holidays and travel can be such a mixed bag. I find that time away from work and routine can be refreshing and at the same time disorienting. What helped me over this past holiday was to remember to:

1. trust the process and let go,
2. do my best to take care,
3. and have a perspective of gratitude.

Even if things can be stressful when they get hectic or you’re traveling, or whatever you might find stressful or challenging about the holidays or travel, zooming out and finding so much gratitude for this time and these blessings really changes everything.

And oh my gosh, letting yourself just HAVE FUN and RELAX and get some fresh perspectives!! So necessary!! We take life wayyy too seriously, wayyy too often.

There will always be times that come up in life where you’re thrown off, thrown out of your normal routine, or simply going through change. When you’re in it, I highly recommend practicing those three things I listed above, and seeing what a difference it makes for you.

Try it out and see for yourself! 😄

Sending you love and light! ❤️