With 2018 now in the rear view mirror, as I look back, parts of it are just a blur. It was full of SO MUCH. For me, I spent a lot of the year digging deep within myself to do the mental, emotional, and spiritual work that I was being called into, that would be required for me to up level my life in the ways I wanted. I took bigger leaps than I’ve ever taken, and life felt like a roller coaster to say the least. Ups and downs, all the time.


New dreams and desires came to me – Dreams to be a public speaker, and to step up in my leadership in new ways. Desires to create and deepen my soul-satisfying friendships. Goals to create a thriving coaching practice. And this knowing that it was a year to experiment and make mistakes!! 🙂




And there will always be those ups and downs in life. But what I’m finding as we get going into 2019, is that I’m feeling this upswing, and massive forward momentum. I’m seeing a lot of the seeds I planted in 2018 now growing and blossoming into reality. Many of the dreams and visions that came to me are now my new reality.


I was talking to my coach just yesterday about all of this, and realized there are 8 things that I’m doing now that are making this all possible, and really creating this FLOW in my life. Whether or not your dreams and goals are similar to mine, these 8 things can help you too:


#1 Simplification


There are many ways to simplify. I started with simplifying in a physical way (the stuff around me), and this led to simplification in other ways in my life and in my business. Because when we clear our clutter, we clear out our mind, our emotions, and our metaphorical baggage.


Step #1 could be a whole blog at least, in and of itself, so I’ll condense it down as much as possible here.


At the end of last year I went through my whole home and got rid of anything I was holding on to because “I might need it at some point.” I let go of anything I didn’t truly love. And when I say that I went through the whole house, I mean the WHOLE house – Every. Single. Thing. I’m in the final phases of wrapping this up, but have already donated over 8 garbage bags full of things. (Most of you may have heard of Marie Kondo by now because of the new Netflix show Tidying Up. Strange timing, because I had been considering doing it on several occasions for the past 3 years! And started the process just weeks before the new Netflix show!)


This process of decluttering was the beginning of simplifying my life. Getting rid of things physically allowed me to clear space in my mind and in my business. Cleaning out the corners of the closets literally cleaned out corners of my mind.


It’s no surprise that when I came back to work after holiday break, things felt simpler. I had less clutter around me, and more energy within me, because it wasn’t being taken up by the responsibility of having these physical things.


I didn’t feel as strong of a need to create to-do lists, because I really only had to focus on my top 1-3 priorities. Simple as that.


Simplifying your life allows you to see what’s most important, to value what you have more, and to use your energy in a more focused and effective way.


#2 Commitment


A brand new client of mine asked me recently, “What happens if you decide you don’t want to do this anymore?” It was just before he decided to do my coaching program, and some nerves had come up about making that leap.


I paused for a minute. I really had to think about that. And after a minute I let him know, “I’ve never been asked that question before!” Not even by myself.


And that’s because I’ve committed. I’m in this for the long game.


Of course I’ve had my doubts, as everyone does when you’re challenging yourself to grow, and transform, and live at your full potential. But my commitment has always been there, and even more so now than ever.


No matter what dreams and goals you have, when you COMMIT and make that decision that you ARE creating those dreams and goals into reality, and you ARE stepping into the person you know you’re meant to be, this creates magic and miracles, and opens up new doors that wouldn’t have opened if you were half in, half out.


#3 Letting it Happen Naturally


For awhile, I was trying to do EVERYTHING I could to “make it happen”. The thing is, I forgot to also ALLOW the Universe to step in and help too.


When I try to force, I get push back. But when I trust that everything is happening in perfect timing, while still taking consistent action and showing up for myself, this is where flow happens quickly and effortlessly.


Check in and see if there’s an area in your life where you’re trying too hard, and decide to let the Universe step in and help you out in your efforts.


#4 Doing Things that I Really Love


There are a million ways to get to where you want to go. In the process of building my business, I’ve tried 999,999 of them ;p Well not quite thaaaat much, but I’ve been willing to try anything and experiment to see what works. And after enough time, I realized that when I focus most of my energy and effort on the things that I actually love doing, it creates the most return. For me, some of those things are coaching, genuinely connecting with people, writing, and hosting events.


Whether you’re building a business, working towards recovery, ready to call in a soulmate, or whatever your dreams and goals are, I invite you to do more of what you love, and trust that that will create the most powerful results.


#5 Assuming Yes’s!!!


I used to spend so much time in self-doubt. Or in fear-based “what if” thinking. But through the inner work I’ve done on my own and with my coaches and teachers, I started cultivate a knowing that what I’m sharing with the world is valuable, and who I am is enough. This allowed me to naturally begin assuming Yes’s more! Whether it was assuming that my group program would fill up, or that a new potential client was all in, I started to lean more in the direction of the Yes, than the No.


And guess what? I started getting more yes’s.


You can apply this to anything and everything! It’s not about being attached to that outcome, but creating a habit of assuming that things are working out for you.


#6 Being present, and focused on my current successes


Yes, it’s amazing to have a big vision, and big dreams and goals. But sometimes that fire for this big future thing can burn you, when you’re stuck in the future and feel overwhelmed or unsure of how it could ever happen.


By getting present, enjoying the moment more, and remembering to FOCUS ON CURRENT SUCCESSES and GIVE MYSELF CREDIT, I started having a lot more fun, and realized that, in fact, I am where I’m meant to be. I started to be able to see more clearly how far I’ve come, and remember to celebrate each success and each step that I took ❤️  This gave me more energy and drive to keep going, and honestly just felt a whole lot better.


Try this out and I guarantee you’ll feel more confidence, lightness, and excitement 🙂


#7 Trusting Myself


If this is the only thing you take away from this, I’ll consider that a huge success (speaking of successes). Taking huge leaps, investing in myself, and listening to my intuition are all things that not only require trust in myself, but also build trust within myself.


I cannot do the work I’m meant to do here in this world without this piece. I believe that we are channels, and as we allow ourselves to trust what is coming through us (whether it’s a desire, and idea, one of our gifts…), only then are we free to share this with the world, no longer stopped by our own mind.


Some of the best things I’ve shared and best things I’ve done have been because I was able to trust myself and that voice or nudge within.


#8 Being Myself


That’s right! Over the past year and half, I’ve started to relax more and more into myself. I’ve felt this boldness brewing within me, and the times where I was scared to just be myself and know that that’s enough, I began practicing courage.


It’s funny how much effort it can take to relax sometimes 🙂 When I started relaxing, stopped worrying so much what others think, and just ENJOYED being ME, things really started to flow. Probably because I was having so much fun 🙂


Who you are is perfect and enough, and not only that, it is your DUTY to be YOU in this world!!


So there you have it!! I would LOVE to hear what you think, and what your biggest takeaway is from this. What from this list do you want to commit to doing? Share in the comments below, and go have yourself an amazing day getting in the flow!!