You know how sometimes life can bring you a challenge, and it’s like you get swept up in this tornado of it, and you’re in the inside, and all you can see is the challenge itself?


It’s been awhile, it feels like, since I’ve written anything. (It hasn’t really, but it feels like it!) And that’s partially because I’ve been in such a PROCESS.


Sometimes, when we’re in the process of transformation or healing, it can feel like all we can focus on. And I know especially as a recovering perfectionist, it can be easy to get hooked on the goal or the solution or the end of it.


As yoga often does, my class today really reminded me that all there is is the process.


I take power yoga classes, and they’re such a metaphor for life. You often find yourself feeling uncomfortable and wanting to give up, yet if you dig deep, you know that you can handle it. That you’re still breathing. So in my class today, when all I wanted was to get to the end, I was reminded to be where I was at. To fully embrace exactly that. Breathe into it, and allow it…


Getting to the goal or dream is amazing, don’t get me wrong. But when we forget to just BE IN the process, it’s much easier to get hooked on this future that we’re dreaming about, and with that, to feel bogged down by not being there yet.


I’ve learned so much from studying the feminine energies, and they apply so well here. The feminine is all about process. She’s not concerned with goals, timelines, and objectives. She’s fluid. She flows. She allows. She’s in it. Whatever it is. We can all learn so much through understanding the feminine. It brings so much harmony to our culture with the imbalance of masculine ideals. ❤ 🙏


So here’s what’s helping me focus on process not perfection:


#1 Remembering that everything is temporary.

Change is the essence of life. This is not forever. It’s just for right now. Who knows what that next moment is bringing, and when we don’t allow ourselves to be in this moment, we miss out on life. I choose to feel the aliveness that comes from really being in a present moment, even the messy or uncomfortable ones.


#2 Getting out into nature.

The Earth is an energetic being. When I step out into the forest, it’s like a whoosh comes over me, and heavy energy, worries, or fear get cleared out and absorbed by the Earth. I noticed this without looking for it. I remember heading out for a hike during a particularly stressful time in my life, and the moment I got out of the car, I felt that whoosh come over me. It was pretty miraculous and magical. Being in nature is also good for your gut, and I really think so much of our health begins there.


#3 Visualizing yourself relaxing into what is, and trusting that it is perfect.

If you have a hard time visualizing, you can more so imagine this and just be creative with it. What might “relaxing into what is” feel like or look like? And once you visualize or imagine this, then it’s about choosing to trust that it’s perfect simply because it is as it is.


#4 Simply TRUSTING the process!

This is something I’ve learned to embrace more and more on my journey, and it’s a vital piece that all of my clients benefit from as well. We don’t get to know exactly what’s ahead. We have to trust.


#5 Celebrating baby steps and baby milestones.

This one has been a game-changer for me. It’s seriously so easy to get attached to the future goal, and forget about ALL THE THINGS you’re doing on the way, all the steps you’re taking, and the successes big or small. So today, what can you celebrate?


I love being able to share in this way with you, sharing from exactly what I’m going through and learning. I would love to hear in the comments what impact this has on you what you’re excited to try out!


Cheering you on big time 🙂