I have a question for you.

What if authentic self-expression is a part of what your soul NEEDS?

There is so much power is self-expression. It’s not something I always knew how to do, but bit by bit, I’m learning again.

As a little girl, I knew how to express myself. It was simple. I just showed up as me! Often with a beaming smile on my face, excited about the curiosities of the world around me.

But as life happened, I slowly learned that this was not safe. That in some way, shape, or form, it wasn’t safe to be me.

I began to fear what people would think. I grew afraid of being judged. I started to believe that who I was was not ok, and that I’m not good enough. Can you relate?

But no matter what depths my life would take me to, there was always this deep, (sometimes unconscious) desire to express myself, and to be seen and heard.

I can remember a specific coaching call years ago with my coach, when this kept coming up. I kept realizing I wanted to express myself, yet I didn’t even know what that meant, let alone what that looked like or felt like!

I just knew it was a desire of mine – a longing deep in my soul, and something my soul NEEDED.

And throughout the years it kept coming up over and over, yet I didn’t see the pattern. I didn’t recognize just how important this self-expression was.

I see it now, and I recognize it in other people around me, especially women, but not only in women. It may be a human need, or maybe it’s having the soul of an artist. I’m not sure, but either way, I feel the weight of its importance for myself, for my soul, and for what I’m meant to bring into the world.

I had to learn that even though it may not have felt safe at some points, that it is safe now. And even if it doesn’t feel safe, that within myself I have all the courage I need to share myself with the world anyways. ✨💓

Last night I held a WomanSpeak circle. This is a group I lead for women who want to own their brilliance, and have the tools and experience to bring their voice out into the world in whatever way their soul calls them to express it. I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to create this space for women, and everyday I see more and more why I do this, and why it is soooo important.

Having this safe space to express themselves has offered these women so much healing, growth, and transformation. I’ve seen them blossom, and begin stepping into true confidence and freedom in their lives. In fact I believe that working with our voice, especially for women, is a big part of healing from our past.

We all have something unique to share with the world. Maybe you’ve heard that a million times, but it bears repeating, because we can easily brush that idea off. It’s so easy to doubt that and think, “Well, not really. Not me.”

And it takes courage and discipline to show up in this way! Both of which at times I’ve not had. And what I notice is that when I DON’T authentically express myself (because of lack of one or both of those two), other challenging things pop up in my life, that are seemingly unrelated – like noticing that I’m judging others more, or that I’m unfulfilled, or just feel stuck.

Have you ever noticed that you judge others more when you’re not doing what you love to do?

But when I allow myself to simply and authentically express myself, it feels amazing!! And not only that, I feel a sense of fulfillment, because I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing in this world.

I’ve felt what it’s like to believe that it’s not safe to be me. I’ve felt what it’s like to not speak up, or to not share what is coming through me to share. AND, I’ve felt the opposite too. And I can tell you, that even as scary as it can be at times, being free to be myself and share that person with the world is absolutely and undeniably a part of my joy, fulfillment, and aliveness. It is required for my soul’s happiness.

So, I’m asking you right now…

What have you been wanting to do that you’ve been stopping yourself from doing?
What have you wanted to say?
What have you wanted to wear?

What if you let yourself just do it?!

I’m so excited to continue on this journey of giving myself more and more permission to just show up as ME, and to boldly and unapologetically share that with the world.

I hope you’ll accept my invitation to do the same 😘