Oftentimes when we’re overwhelmed or in a state of panic, the first thing we want to do is get out of it somehow.


That may look like trying to “fix” our emotions (because we judge them as wrong).


Or it might look like trying to fix the circumstances outside of ourselves so that we don’t feel the overwhelm.


Or maybe it’s some form of coping (by numbing, ignoring, projecting, etc…)


But all of these things can actually cause our panic and overwhelm to persist. That’s because they’re all a form of resistance.


And what we resist persists.


What if instead, we could take a different approach? What if instead of being totally IN the panic and overwhelm you could, even just for a moment, become the observer of your experience?


This takes some practice, and I know when I first started practicing this, it was both very foreign feeling, while also being a relief.


To help you visualize this, you can think of the state of overwhelm as a battle going on around you. Imagine people are fighting, maybe there are weapons, and it’s certainly chaotic. And you’re right in the middle of it. You are IN it.


Then imagine you notice there’s a hill not too far in the distance, and you have the option to step out of the battle, walk up the hill, and become able to see what’s going on, from a distance. You’re not trying to make it stop, you’re just observing from a distance.


This is similar to what we do during meditation. This gives you a little bit of space between YOU and thoughts and emotions. And with that space, you have more choice.


From there, you can observe what’s going on, choosing to observe from a non-judgemental perspective (knowing there is no right or wrong here, no “right” way to feel or think.)


You can note the sensations you’re feeling. You can note the thoughts. You can note the emotions.


You’re not trying to fix it, change it, or run from it. You’re simply noticing. That’s all.


This is really the first step to creating change, because we have to have both awareness and acceptance of what’s going on before we’re empowered to change.


From there, there are many tools and practices to shift your state, to create new neural pathways, and to strategically design your life in a way that reduces overwhelm and increases peace and joy.


Even just in the practice I’ve shared so far, you’re practicing accepting, allowing, letting go, surrender… So many things that will help you in feeling deeper levels of peace and happiness.


In addition to that, I want to offer you this one quick and simple tool:


In these times of panic and overwhelm, ask yourself, What if all is well?” And let that question really land. Really ask it to yourself, from a place of wonder.


I’ve been practicing this simple tool the past few days, after that question came to me during a yoga class. (At this point I need to come up with a specific term for the messages that come through me during yoga. 😝) And each time I ask it and let it really land, I feel a sense of allowance and peace wash over me.


I’d love to hear what you think and your biggest takeaway! Share in the comments below.


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Sending you wishes for a beautiful day! 😘