So where do I begin? If you’ve been reading some of my last few posts, you know I recently got MARRIED!! About a week and a half ago. 😍✨


And last week, after the wedding, I really wanted to write to you. In fact, I spent some time doing just that. I love sharing with you on a consistent basis! But it was just too soon. There was so much to process and integrate. 


Getting married was not only the biggest, most significant ceremony of my life so far, but it has also been BY FAR the biggest expansion. 💕 My system could only process so much so fast, and I’m still getting used to an expansion of love so big as this one! 


I honestly could never have expected or anticipated just how big of an expansion this would be.


And since I keep saying that word ‘expansion’, I think it’s worth giving you my definition of what that is:


To me, ‘expansion’ is when our hearts open bigger, walls come down, and we move forward in a stage of our spiritual growth and evolution. It means letting go of baggage, and letting go of the old, so that what’s next has space for its arrival. It’s about openness, and courage, receiving, and sharing.


Our wedding, and the whole weekend surrounding it, was one of the most MAGICAL, joyful, love-filled experiences of my life. Seriously, if we’re talking magic, it was EVERYWHERE. Mother Nature sprinkled fairy dust all over everything, including a couple days before our wedding, a rainbow appearing in the sky after a misty day, and sunbeams coming through the trees, followed on our wedding day by a storm passing just north of us, and instead of rain, offering a welcome cool breeze and shaking free some rose petal like leaves while we took photos (plus the perfect amount of clouds to make those photos extra stunning!) And then continuing later with the clouds literally parting and sun shining down just as I stepped out to walk down the aisle.




I mean, you can’t make this stuff up!


The wedding and all the parties / festivities surrounding it were everything we intended them to be, and more than we could have imagined. I knew I wanted the day and the weekend to have a level of simplicity, to be meaningful, beautiful, joyful, and FUN! It was all those things and more. Things that seemed like a mishap ended up either making for an amazing story (imagine a high powered fan hitting a chocolate fountain 😁 all cleaned up pre-wedding though, god bless our day-of coordinator) or helping things to turn out better than they would have otherwise. ✨


It’s amazing because not only did I get to marry the love of my life, but I also feel closer and more deeply connected to all the important people in my life too. My family has grown bigger, and my heart has too. 😍 ❤️✨


And after all this expansion came some growing pains. In processing everything last week, so many emotions that were ready to be felt and released had to come up, so that I could leap into this next chapter – I felt sadness that “it was all over” (not true – the magic continues!), I had anxiety come up about not knowing exactly what’s next, and felt this sense of beginning again. Going from the fourth stage in growth – the butterfly flying! – right back to that egg stage in some senses brought a little shock to my system. Because a wedding is both an ending and a beginning.


Really, it is all what naturally happens when we move past an upper limit, expanding in love, success, and abundance further than we have ever done before. The discomfort that often comes from growing can naturally occur.


And then I opened a card from my brother and sister-in-law, and again in divine timing and the magic of it all, I read the words “Embrace this transition and all that you feel.”


Hello message from Divine!


My only job last week after the wedding was to embrace this transition and all that I feel, and take the time and care I needed for myself.


And so I felt it ALL! I stopped trying to understand the emotions, and instead let myself experience and feel them fully. I gave myself the gift of much needed self-care, and slowing down, and only going as fast as the slowest part of me could go 💖 


When we’re growing and expanding, we’re up-leveling in our life, and those things that are no longer in line with this higher level have to come up to be released! Otherwise they remain as baggage that we carry around, and keep us closer to where we’re at, rather than where we’re going.


We can be so afraid as humans to feel anything uncomfortable, but it’s only in welcoming that discomfort that it can move through us. It requires that permission to be allowed to be there, in order to be released. Often easier said than done 😆😝


When we allow it, we can learn from it. AND, then we can also move on to what’s next. ✨


IMG_6160 (1)


Allowing myself to experience whatever I needed to experience at that very human level – and also at a deep, spiritual level – has made space for me to connect more deeply than ever with my soul and my true self. At my wedding, I felt more connected to my true self, and more FREE to express who that is, than ever before. And that is something I get to carry with me always – a deeper freedom, bliss, love, and deeper ease in sharing my true and authentic self with the world.


I embodied the Queen that I am, and felt how my wedding was also an initiation into my Queendom. The Queen of my life, a Queen of Love, and embodying my leadership role in bringing more light, love, truth, and joy into this world.




That type of initiation doesn’t have to come from a wedding, but for me it just so happened to. 


And I owned my emotions like a queen, especially before and leading up to the wedding. As you can expect, they were heightened, and that became one of my mantras, “I’m owning my emotions like a Queen.” And I get to feel the joy and bliss and love, BECAUSE I allowed myself to feel the other things.


I noticed that I felt a comfort in silence that I’d never felt so deeply before. No need to fill it. No need to put on any air.


I felt this sense that the truth of everyone had been revealed, and that truth was simply LOVE.


And in this past week, as I gave myself some time to process and integrate, I felt a bit all over the place. Probably because I literally was. I had been broken open in the best way possible, and hadn’t put all the pieces back together yet, in no hurry to rush this process, and allowing it all the time it needs, letting it be perfect just as it is. I let myself be in the process of transition and transformation as I step into this next stage of my life. It’s an opportunity to choose how things are put back together, and what pieces I let go of – letting go of old insecurities, misperceptions, or limitations I may have put on myself, and expanding in my love, joy, and connection to myself and others.


This has been and continues to be a totally transformative experience, and I stay open to how it will continue to blossom. ✨


I am whole and complete. I always have been and always will be. Just as you are. I feel more connected and more IN LOVE  than ever before. I’m so grateful for this gift that I carry forward of deeper LOVE, CONNECTION, and OPENNESS.




So if you’re going through a transition, remember to embrace the transition and all that you feel ❤️ That is how we move forward, rather than stay stuck. And know that if you’re feeling all sorts of feels, you might just be hitting your upper limit, and ready to soar beyond it! When we’re open to this perspective, it allows our life to expand and blossom in the most beautiful ways. (For even more on upper limits, check out The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. So good!)


If you’d like some support on your journey, wherever you may be, and have a sneaking suspicion that more love and bliss is meant for you (which it is!), let’s chat! You can book a time right here.


I’ll leave you with this prayer:


Life is many small moments punctuated with some really big ones.

May we feel joy, gratitude, and presence in the small ones, the grand punctuations, and everything in between.

May life be full and beautiful, and may we all realize our worth and deservingness of deep blissful love, and of all our soul’s desires. ❤️✨




Sending you all my bliss-filled cup-overflowing love.