Have you ever gone over something for so long that you can’t remember which way is up anymore?? I had that kind of process this week in writing this article.


This week and past weekend have been crazy with so many ups and downs, not only for myself, but for so many people in my life. For some, it was beyond crazy.


So I’m not sure if it’s because of all of that, and feeling mixed up in all I wanted and needed to share, and at the same time feeling too raw to share anything at all. So how do you speak when you don’t know what to say?




It’s what I’ve been talking about over these past couple weeks – The power that we have when we trust ourselves.


Last night I led my WomanSpeak circle, and we’ve been gathering now for 10 months. We toasted each other, no notes, just trusting the words that came from deeper within ourselves. It was beautiful to recognize the trust we’ve built within ourselves in connection to our voice and our power. Sometimes you don’t have to know what to say, you just have to trust that you will when the time comes.


Amidst the chaos this week, I felt my inner critic come on so strong, and it took a good part of the week to separate out the fact from the fiction. This time around, it was thoughts and ideas that I should be doing more in my business. She was loud and strong. At first it wasn’t totally clear that that was not MY voice, but I got there. And fortunately, although it took some time, I was able to meet her with love.


Rather than totally buy into the thoughts, I made space for her to be here and have her voice as well. She’s not me, but she’s a part of me. And she also deserves space, love, and to be heard.


But then from there, what was really needed was to have a laugh about it all, set her to the side, and in this case, to ask to be guided. I asked my higher power to guide me. If it was really true that I should be doing more, guide me to what that is. If it’s really true that I’m doing enough, guide me to that knowing within.


This isn’t necessarily always the way to relate to the inner critic, but in this case, it was. It allowed me to come back home to the connection to my true self, my higher self, and speak to myself from that place.


This is not what I planned to write to you about today. I have thousands of other words in multiple docs. But there’s a reason I’m writing this and not that.


Maybe you’re feeling some of the chaos as well, whether internally or around you. If your inner critic is coming up as a result, it might just be an invitation to connect back to the voice of your true self within, and to TRUST that voice. Even amidst the chaos.


If you want to hear more about how I can support you in feeling free even WITH an inner critic, and being your bold self in this world, let’s hop on a call, or you can send me a message here. I’d love to hear from you ❤️


I have so much more to share on on all of this, even more on how we can trust ourselves more deeply, and in walking the walk, I will trust in the timing for that as well. More to come ✨