If you find yourself doubting yourself a lot, for example:


  • over-thinking your decisions
  • feeling not good enough
  • feeling like you’re not doing enough
  • feeling fear to be yourself or speak up…


Or if you feel in overwhelm, chaos, and under pressure…


read on.


My ability to trust myself and hear my inner wisdom has been growing exponentially recently, and as a result, an ability to take a TON of the pressure off too. So I’ve been reflecting on why and how this is happening, when in the past it was a challenge. 


I’ve been sharing about it over the past month or so right here:


Doubting yourself vs. TRUSTING yourself

The chaos, the critic, and TRUSTING

Doing less, trusting more


Another one of the ways I’ve been able to do this is through simplification




Doesn’t it feel good just reading that?


It’s one of the biggest messages I’ve been receiving lately.


The more I put it into practice, the more I understand way – it feels good and it WORKS.


Simplicity can actually help us trust ourselves more. ✨ Why? Because in order to trust ourselves, we first have to be able to hear ourselves. 


And when we simplify, we clear out some of the noise in the way of that.


What I noticed is that, with so much noise cleared out, it became easier and easier to connect to myself.


We all have a voice within. I like to call it my inner wisdom, intuition, spirit, true self, higher self… There are lots of things you can call this voice. And I’m not talking about the inner voice that criticizes, cause that’s a whole other thing. This is the loving voice within that has always been there, even when you can’t hear it.


Having time to pause and to get quiet allowed me to breathe more deeply and LISTEN. Sometimes when we’re going so fast or all caught up in the world around us, we’re spending most of our time in our heads. And we can become a little (or a lot) disconnected with our true self, which is experienced through our body, not our head.


There’s so much damn noise all around, both internal and external, now more than ever. Ami right?


And if we’re not intentional, it is SO EASY to be distracted and pulled all over the place. We have a million things to support that – notifications, emails, phone calls, social media, the dishes, news, our many interests.


It’s no wonder it’s harder and harder to hear that inner voice of truth and wisdom.


And sometimes it’s the physical things around us that add to the noise or chaos.


When we have so much stuff, we have so much to take care of. Physical things have energy, and the more we have, the more our energy is spread across those things.


So here are a few simple, practical things that I’m finding helpful:


Adjusting how you use your phone


First, I stopped picking up my phone so much. When it comes to your phone, and many other things for that matter, you don’t have to constantly check. I’m practicing deciding to pick up or check my phone, rather than just doing it out of habit and unnecessarily. You can change the settings to track screen time and pickups, or get an app to track it, if that’s helpful. I also realized I had unknowingly put pressure on myself to text a certain amount (feeling an obligation to stay “connected” in this way), and decided to completely take that pressure off, since I wasn’t really enjoying it.


I’m on my phone less, and in my life more.


Switching up your social media approach


Next, and this one probably seems obvious in terms of experiencing less noise – I’m on social media WAY less, and way more intentional when I am. When I go on, I know what I’m there to do, and I do my best to do that, and then GET OUT 😝 I was never a huge fan, so this wasn’t a big leap for me, but it’s still a noticeable change and a shift in being more intentional and conscious.


Again, I’m trusting myself big time with this, because if you have a business, many people will tell you you HAVE to be on social media, and you have to do it in xyz way. This is the power of making a decision and trusting yourself – My inner wisdom and internal GPS are guiding me on this and they’ve never steered me wrong. Social media is one of the biggest distraction and noise machines I know out there.


What’s your internal GPS guiding you towards when it comes to social media?


Clearing out your environment, physical and digital


There are lots of ways to do this, like:


  • Clearing out more physical things in your environment to make your space simpler. (Hello, Marie Kondo – the process really works!!)
  • Simplifying all those files sitting on your computer desktop.
  • Unsubscribing from emails that you don’t need or want to receive. (Try setting a timer for 15 minutes and getting it done all at once. Maybe stay subscribed to mine😝)


The result: Less stuff around, more freed up space, time, and energy.

And it’s often simply about doing less.


So ask yourself:

Am I allowing myself to be constantly distracted, and pulled in multiple directions?

Am I surrounded by unnecessary noise?

And if so, what small change can I start to make today to move towards what I want? 


If you’re feeling this call to trust yourself more, and to experience just how POWERFUL you are when you do, check in to see what might be in the way of being able to hear yourself. We need that part first.


Consider if this is an invitation to create more simplicity in your life.


When we simplify, we inevitably cut out some of that noise. Hearing ourselves becomes easier, and almost unavoidable as a result. 😊


After all, you deserve to feel good and spend time on what actually matters to you.


And if you could use some 1:1 support and guidance on this, let’s chat! My clients have made some huge steps in clearing out what’s not serving them, so they can hear their true voice more clearly, make more space for magic and miracles in their lives, and watch those things flow in 


I’d love to support you with that too. You can book a time right here.


Here’s to your sweet simplicity 😘