What’s your relationship to resistance?


Do you move towards it when it comes up?

Do you even notice it?

If you do, do you give in?


Whatever it is, it’s worth exploring ✨


For me, I range on a spectrum of sometimes not catching it, to catching it and giving in for some time (i.e. resisting), to catching it and facing it head on (immediately or asap).


Resistance used to just be my way of being. I unconsciously thought it worked, and it felt familiar, because it felt like control.


As I continued on my journey of growth and self-love though, the discomfort of giving in and practicing resistance started to be greater than the discomfort of facing it, embracing it, and moving through towards the thing I “didn’t want to do”.


In the past, I would resist speaking up. I would resist putting myself in unfamiliar situations, or situations that I couldn’t easily control. I would resist making commitments – this one came up big time and is still something I work with! 


I know resistance is coming up when I have that sense that “this would be really good for me” coupled with that thought of “I don’t want to.” It may come up as, “Hmmm, how can I avoid this? And for how long?” For me, a lot of times it’s an intuitive knowing, and I only can hear that if I give myself a second to listen and discern. That’s the power of the pause 😊


This takes some getting familiar, because there are also things that we don’t want to do and it’s not resistance, it’s just truth. For example, many of the things we do simply to people-please. If you’re feeling like you don’t want to, that’s not resistance in this sense, that’s just something that might not be aligned for you.


Another example is when we’re tired or burnt out, and what we really need is rest, yet we push. That’s different too. That feeling of resistance here is your body and your soul telling you you need a break.


Resistance, in the sense that I’m talking about here, is more about things that are aligned and will help us grow and evolve, but we avoid them in order to stay comfortable and familiar.


It’s a very stuck place to be, and can feel icky, stagnant, and contracted. It can feel stale, and isn’t really natural, because nature does not resist. It grows, flows, evolves, and changes. Resistance is a very human creation.


I notice it come up for my clients too. They know what’s best for them, yet they can resist it.


But when they lean in, they set themselves free.


It can be scary, but really really exciting too. And always worth it.


In these cases, the YES will set you free.


I just experienced this for myself this past week. I was invited to be on my sister’s podcast, Basic Witches. – Sidenote, if you don’t know of it yet, ya gotta check it out @basicwitchespod. It’s so good! And I’m not just saying that cause it’s my sis. Rach and Leah are the real deal. They walk the walk, and are creating something powerful and magical on the journey ✨ Photo of these witches above 😄


It was long overdue. We’d been talking about recording together for awhile now… And I had a bunch of resistance. I wanted to, I knew it would be so much fun and an amazing opportunity, yet I knew it could be vulnerable and uncomfortable in some ways – It’s a bigger platform, and everything I share in general is straight from my soul, raw, real, and authentic… and for that reason, a part of me thought, “Hopefully this doesn’t work out.”


Outed! Haha!


But of course I said yes, and away we went.




That’s the key. That’s really all you have to do. You say YES (even if inside that part of you is saying no), you lean in, and you let the fuck go.


Your life is waiting for you on the other side.


That is sweet surrender. ✨


So what about you? How do you experience resistance? Do you see that leaning in could be the very thing that sets you free?


I’ll of course be sharing that podcast once available, so keep your eyes and ears out for that! 😊


Sending you love, and cheers to your freedom.