How are you speaking to yourself right now?

Has it been lovely and supportive? 😄

Or mayyybe, without even realizing it, that inner critical voice:

  • has been hard on yourself for what you didn’t get done…
  • or said that you’re not doing enough
  • or been telling you that you’re not good enough, whether for that person, or in that job, or otherwise…
  • or been telling yourself that you can’t have the things you truly desire, because you are not worth it
  • or that you didn’t do good enough

It can be hard to hear these things from ourselves (or from others). Maybe it’s hard to even just read them right now.

But often times this is exactly the dialogue that’s going on in our head, consciously or unconsciously.

We get so used to it, that it just seems normal. But this is not how our true highest self would speak.

This is just a part of us that learned to speak to ourselves in this way.

And if you’re willing to do the work, and become really familiar with this voice, and bring a whole lotta love to it ❤️, things can change. We can begin to not be so overrun by this critical voice in our head.

It might take time but with baby steps and bringing a lotta love to this voice, things can change dramatically. Promise.

I’m not sure that the voice ever totally goes away, and that’s not even the goal. It really doesn’t need to go away. But it can become quieter, and you can become quicker at noticing which voice it is that you’re hearing – the voice of love within you, or the part that is scared…

And sometimes we need to just take a minute to pause and check in and listen. To just tune into what we’re telling ourselves, and decide if that’s what we want to keep believing right now.

Sometimes a moment is all we need to catch it in action, and redirect. ✨

(Hopefully reading this article is one of those moments for you 😘)

And if it’s something that’s hurtful or unhelpful that you’re hearing from yourself, it’s a chance to dig a little deeper to that place in ourselves that only knows love. And Listen to the words that come from this place within us.

If it’s coming from that place of love, you’ll know it – because it will feel good, it will be simple, and deep down you’ll know that’s what’s really true.

Even if a whole lot of you does not believe it or feel it.

A good way to know that you might be buying in to what the inner critic has to say is to notice how you feel. Sometimes (often) our negative feelings are directly related to how we’re talking to ourselves.

For example, yesterday morning, “for no reason” I was feeling sad. For a lot of the morning. But when I finally took a sec and checked in to the thinking that was going on, it was directly related to the feeling.

I was telling myself that I wasn’t doing enough, and putting a lot of pressure on myself about the things that I was “behind” on. All self-imposed. All made up deadlines. All subjective “facts” that I wasn’t doing enough.

And I noticed an IMMEDIATE change after tuning in, acknowledging what my inner critic was telling me, and redirecting.

The truth was, when I listened to that place of love within me, that I’m doing a whole lot, and I’m really focused on doing the things that matter most to me. And the even deeper truth is, I’m whole and complete and worthy of love no matter how much I get done or accomplish.

That’s the power of even just a moment of love. Just a moment of pausing, tuning in, and getting real with yourself. Yes, sometimes the truth can hurt. But more often, the lies we tell ourselves are the things really hurting us.

So in this moment, if you took a beat, took a breath, and tuned in to your heart – where could you use some love in your self-talk? Even just taking that one moment will matter. Just a single breath, and a redirect. 💖

It’s powerful. And you’ll know when you try it. 😊

On a “News Flash!” note, my podcast with Basic Witches is out!! You can listen here. YAY!


It was such a fun one and jam-packed. We talked about emotions and how to enjoy the experience of them, owning your feminine super powers, sisterhood, and how to create your own Heaven on Earth. We got real real on eating disorders, depression & anxiety, OCD, Saturn Returns, and simply getting better at life. Hope you tune in 😊

Until next time, sending you so much love through this holiday season ✨