So much has been up in the air already in 2020, am I right? And we’re only half way into January!


First, if you’re still wanting to get some direction for 2020, and powerfully look back at all that came to be in 2019, I highly recommend my Bless and Release 2019 + 2020 Create and Dream Process.

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I’ve been getting lots of feedback that this process is helping people not only realize how much they’ve accomplished and feel good about the person they’ve become over the last year, but also get really clear on where they’re going – what values are most important, the next version of themselves they’re stepping into, and what they most want right now and moving forward. Um, pretty important stuff right?!


It’s not too late, and it’s never too late. If this sounds helpful for you, start now 🙂


Secondly, something up in the air is the power of DECIDING. It was only a few weeks ago that I found myself going over and over in my head some decisions I was trying to make. And although I’ve known in the past that this is a waste of time, it really struck me this time that I no longer need this pattern in my life.

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And then I heard more people talking about it – How they’re ready to just decide already, in big and small ways. And how they want to make decisions like a boss now in their life. How about you?


Instead of writing it all, I wanted to share via audio – a little voice note of love. You can check out the 3 minute audio here: Decide.


Sometimes we overthink about things that are not decisions, mulling over if you said the “right” thing, going over what happened or didn’t happen, trying to reassure yourself in your head…


The energy of just deciding can be used in a similar way when we’re overthinking in this way. We can decide, “This does not require my attention right now,” or decide to redirect our attention to our values, and take action from there.


I’ll also add that one of the most powerful ways we can DECIDE is in what we want for our life, the changes we want to make, and who we want to be. Oftentimes people are searching for motivation, or they’re searching to be “ready”, or to “feel right” about it. I hear that all the time.

A powerful and stubborn decision beats out these methods 100% of the time.


– You can decide that you are successful.
– You can decide that “I am a woman who loves herself unconditionally.”
– You can decide “I’m moving forward whether I’m ready or not.”
– You can decide to TRUST your decision, simply because it’s the decision that you made. Enough said.


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No tools required for this except to stop thinking, start trusting, and listen to the guidance from within, and from a higher power of your own understanding. To embody steadfastness, rather than search for motivation.

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No overthinking needed. Nothing more to figure out.


So what about you? What decisions, big or small, are you going to make today? What are you ready to stop mulling over?


If you’re still feeling unsure about how to do this, I recommend this:


Let yourself experiment for just 24 hours. Practice, for just this time, what it feels like to make decisions with ease, not needing to make this change permanently, but just experimenting.


One of my favorite stories of this is a client of mine who came to me feeling lost in knowing who she was, unsure of where to go in life, and relatively unexcited about most things. There was LOTS of overthinking happening. She called it “binge thinking”. Through our work together, she tuned into the TRUTH of who she was and began to trust her decisions. She started expressing herself in what she wore, she started speaking up and sharing her thoughts and opinions more, she even got a tattoo! Now there’s an example of trusting your decisions 🙂


If you want some support in unleashing this more unapologetic, bolder YOU that’s within you, and feeling the power of being able to trust yourself in these ways, I’m starting a group coaching program at the end of March. You can check out the details here!

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Sending you so much love and blessing for this year!


With love,