With all the chaos up in the air, I have so much to share with you, but what feels most important right now is to offer you a place to anchor when the seas feel stormy.


I know the landscape of uncertainty very well. My unconscious disdain for it in the past is what allowed me to dive into the deepest depths of fear, anxiety, and OCD. I became very intimate with the part of me that was just not ok with not knowing.


It was also through this that I grew to learn that – everything is uncertain. Everything outside of us that is. And, the things within us that are uncertain? Those are actually ok too.


Through the struggles and suffering, I learned about something more powerful than gaining a sense of certainty – I learned to know my values.


When you don’t know something… When you fear… When you feel difficult emotions… You still always have your values.


Oftentimes we want those emotions to go away or get fixed. But we’re actually missing the mark there. By trying to fix them, rather than feel them and allow them, we actually make them stronger.


What I found was that if – even in the most tumultuous of times – I could tune into what I value, I was empowered to take action from THAT place, and not from a place of needing to feel or think differently than I was at that moment.


When I was feeling intense fear and anxiety, this allowed me to still live my life. And even more than that, it allowed me to feel peace with the fear and anxiety.


Valuing my values more than I valued “fixing” an emotion freed up so much energy, and gave me a chance to move forward rather than feel stuck. It supported me in building my strength, so that my baseline was one of peace, love, and joy, even if at the surface I might experience more difficult emotions.


That’s what’s possible when we find that anchor within ourselves, and stay connected to a deeper, wiser part of us, that knows our simple truths.


We can begin to embrace uncertainty with more open arms, trusting something deeper within ourselves, trusting that we are held and supported by life itself.




If you’re unsure of what your values are, a good place to start is to ask yourself, “What’s important to me in the area of ____?” And you can fill in that blank, for example, in the area of work, relationships, health, life in general, etc.


Your values might be one or two words, or they might be a phrase. Whatever you discover them to be, these will allow you to create a life that is true to you, and what actually matters to you, rather than be at the whim of your thoughts or emotions.


I hope that you’ll take this simple tool, and experience the truly life-changing power it can offer for you 😘 It’s often the simplest of things that have the biggest impact. So much more to share on that and on oh so many things, so until soon, I’m sending you my love and sending out healing vibes to all the world.





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