The time we’re in right now is a time we will remember forever. It is changing us. There is transformation – deep transformation – happening on a global scale, as well as at the personal level.


In many ways it’s like a rebirth. Maybe you’ve been experiencing some of those feelings of letting go of the old, yet not knowing what exactly the new is, yet. I know I have. It’s been humbling, and also very very freeing.


Through this time, I’ve continued to feel all the things. Happy, grateful, sad, over it, anxious for it to be over (both in not wanting it to be, and wanting it to be), excited, curious, introspective, in awe, grounded, out of it, tired, confused… And the list doesn’t stop there.


And through all of that, I’m continuing to see just how many ways this is here for us. It’s not happening to us, it’s happening for us.


With all this time to go within, and with less variables in our lives, I’ve been able to see more clearly what works, and what doesn’t work. I’ve started to see and be honest with myself about what things in my life felt dissatisfying, and started to recognize desires that I was previously too scared to fully let myself see.


Baggage and limiting beliefs have been more clear and in my face, and ready to be released and transformed. YES!

That’s some powerful stuff!!!


Of course these are in the moments when I finally get to that place of surrender, faith, and acceptance. Those are the times that I really get to see clearly and feel like I’m moving through. In between that can be a lot of discomfort, confusion, and resistance. If you’re feeling any of that, know that you’re not alone.


With us being about seven weeks in, I’d thought it be valuable to revisit some questions I offered over a month ago, on March 23rd. If you answered them then, check in and see if your responses have changed. And if you didn’t journal on these, I’m inviting you to that now.


It’s amazingly magical what happens when we put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard (though there’s extra magic in the pen to paper, for many reasons).


Taking a little time to answer some seemingly simple questions might reveal to you something that was in the depths of you. It might help your mind sort through some things that felt more complicated or bigger than they were. And it also has a calming effect. Taking this time is like being your own best friend, and offering an ear to listen.


So here we go:

1. What do I miss being able to do right now? Who do I miss being able to spend time with?

Right now, with things taken away, you can see more clearly what actions and activities are actually a priority to you, and who you want to be spending your time with.


2. What are the things I can’t wait to be able to do once we’re through this? What am I looking forward to?

I wonder if this list may actually be shorter than you think… We often fill up our schedules with so much, but with time to pause, could see that a lot of those things maybe weren’t necessary or even wanted.
My answer to this have changed a little since March, and things don’t feel quite as pressing. There’s a lot more acceptance of an unclear timeline ❤️
I wonder how many things you’ve put on your list of to-do’s that you could just totally get rid of…

3. What (if anything) am I enjoying about right now? -or- What am I grateful for?

Since March 23rd, I’m still enjoying getting present, especially on nature walks. I’m still loving having my husband at home with me and as a co-worker. I’m DEFINITELY still enjoying the SIMPLICITY – There’s no pressure to find the most fun event, and there are less choices and options, which can often be a relief. (We think we want lots of choices, but studies show we’re often more satisfied with less.) And, definitely still enjoying more nature time.

In fact, there’s actually more I’m enjoying about this time the farther we get into it. I’m enjoying that I can hear my inner voice more clearly, since so much of the noise of our 24/7-style productivity culture has been shut off.


4. What has this “forced” me to do that’s actually been a blessing? -or- What about this has actually been a blessing?

The further we’ve gotten into this self-isolation time, the more blessings I’ve discovered. This has really been a clearing out, and reconnecting time.
So, how is this here FOR you?


5. What’s the biggest lesson in this so far for me?

My answers from March 23rd: “For me, I’m realizing even more how important leadership is, and how important it is to get of my own way, so that I can more freely share myself and my gifts with the world.” YASSSSS. Still a huge lesson and gift. And I’m discovering more and more ways to do that that feel aligned and true to me.



All right loves. Know that you’re in my heart. It’s amazing how much more connected I’m feeling to others, even with the separation. Walls feel like they’re crumbling within me and around me, and for that, I’m grateful.


I hope you’re finding some peace and acceptance through this too.


Sending light and love ❤️


With love,


Psssss – Hey you!

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Yet… you’re wanting to feel calm, clarity, and confidence?

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But you can thrive. You can feel amazing. Many sensitive souls believe or are told that they are  weak, defective, lazy, or needy. But the thing is, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! I’ve found that there is a boldness, strength, and MAGIC in these gentle hearts, they just need the proper support and guidance to unlock that.


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