Hi loves,


I have lots to share with you, but some of it is gonna have to wait. Here’s why:


During this pandemic time, I’m doing my best to take care and to nurture myself. I believe that if we don’t do this, we can’t bring our gifts out into the world.


So that’s meant a lot of time restoring my energy, recovering my creativity, and relearning what my nervous system needs to thrive.


Maybe some of you have been feeling the heaviness of this time. I know I have. I woke up this morning and was feeling that heavy sadness that has been around so much lately.


So, I let myself get all my complaints and problems out on paper. It actually did not feel that good to do! Haha! But, good to acknowledge what’s going on in my head.


Then I followed it up with all the things that are going well or that I’m happy about. That list was actually much longer. So many things I didn’t have top of mind, and it felt really good to bring them to mind.


It didn’t feel like spiritually bypassing, since I let myself get all the “problems” out first.


I wanted to share this in case it’s something you’d want to do. You might be surprised at some of the good things happening that you forgot about. Not to mention giving yourself that time to feel heard and acknowledged, with no filter and no pressure to “positivize” any of it.


Sending you love and light, and wishes for all the support and care you’re needing!


With love,


p.s. Yes, that is a GIANT nest that I had the pleasure of relaxing in this weekend 😄 Talk about nurturing!

p.p.s. Hey you! 😄

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