Hi Loves,

It’s come as no surprise to me that it took me many attempts and a long time to write this article.

With just how much we’re all going through, it’s not that there wasn’t a lot to say… It’s just that it’s been hard to find any sort of grounding these days.

Because of the depth at which I’m processing everything that’s happening, it’s been more challenging than ever to see and share where I’m at. When you’re deep in something, and in a place you’ve never been before, it can be hard to know these things.

With a whole lot of faith, trust, and surrender, eventually we land somewhere, and we find some ground. I’m beginning to gain some clarity, and I’m more ok than ever with the areas that don’t feel certain or clear.

For everyone, this has been a time full of change, triggers, and a more in-your-face kind of instability. All things that can shake, scare, and overwhelm the very human parts of us.

To some degree or another, we’re all discovering more of what’s in our unconscious, and hopefully, making those things conscious. Because what you’re unaware, you can’t change.

But, what you bring light to, you can bring choice to. And that is empowerment.

Life is like a mirror. On all levels, the unconscious is becoming conscious. It’s happening on individual, communal, and collective levels, globally.

Think about it – because of technology (thank God for technology!!) hate-filled and racist acts are being brought to more light. These can no longer hide and thrive in the dark, and we now have a choice – dismantle the root cause, do nothing, or add to these atrocities.

The same thing is true within our own unconscious. We’re often committing our own inner version of hate crimes against ourselves, and often repeating them over and over and over, unconsciously and automatically.

When we bring light to those, we then have a choice. With that awareness, we can make a change, and choose to be loving instead of hateful. We can choose to be courageous and brave even when there’s a lot of fear. Choice. Is. Everything. And we only get that with awareness.

This also means that we have to take extra care. What’s happening right now is an opportunity.


But without care (read love), we’ll find ourselves distracting ourselves, numbing out, or running away from what we don’t want to see or deal with.

But if we can turn towards the darker places within us, and boldly meet them with radical love, boots shaking and all, we can empower ourselves to positive change within ourselves, our life, and the world.

For me, in addition to the work I’m doing to uncover any racism within me, and do my part outwardly in dismantling white supremacy and systematic racism, I’ve also been discovering more within myself that can block me from freely sharing my gifts and my creativity…

This really is a time of a great awakening and unlearning (if you allow it to be).

It’s not easy seeing our vulnerabilities, our faults, and our fears. But it’s only in being willing and courageous to do that, that we will ever become more free.

And that is what I want. I desire a world where we’re so madly in love with ourselves that how could we possibly think of doing anything but truly loving others. I’m committed to a path of deep self-love, and a full expression and sharing of the gifts that were given to me freely from a higher power.

I’m also deeply committed to the work of helping others know this love within themselves, and know that each and every one of us have unique gifts that the world so desperately needs us to share.

I mean that wholeheartedly. YOU have unique gifts that the world needs.

The world needs you as YOU. Not as who you think you should be, but as who you truly are, perfectly unique and made whole and complete, the physical embodiment of the energy of love. THAT is the truth. But we only get there by uncovering, healing, and releasing what is in the way of that.

So a few ideas for you:

First, if you’ve found yourself frozen, overwhelmed, or in a stress response, and want to chat 1:1 about how to thrive through this time, I offer a free consultation. The feedback from these calls has been really positive, and I’m able to offer valuable insight and some immediate relief and guidance in that call itself, no strings attached. You can book that here: https://angieilg.satoriapp.com/book

Don’t take it from me. Take it from my clients:

“Reaching out to Angie earlier this year was one of the best decisions I have ever made… Since working with Angie on a regular basis, I’ve seen such a shift in myself and in my thinking. I am now able to embrace my authentic self, and am willing to share my gifts/thoughts more openly with others. Because of these positive changes in myself, I have seen this positivity spill over into my other relationships and daily interactions.”

Second, please take care of yourself in this process. It is very real work to look at what’s not working, and be willing to examine that and make changes, whether internally or externally in the systems in our world. If you don’t feel you have enough support, who can you reach out to right now? Maybe a friend, coach, therapist, or supportive group within your community…

Wouldn’t it be worth taking a few minutes right now to think of who that might be, and reach out? You deserve to be supported.

And lastly, if you know someone who could really use the extra support right now, and a shift in perspective, please feel free to forward this email.

Sending you love and encouragement on this brave journey ❤️

With heart,

p.s. Still here?

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If you answered yes, let’s chat. I offer a free consultation, no strings attached, and I’d love to connect with you ❤️

You can book that here.