I’m sitting here with the sun on my face, and a nice breeze going by. I can hear birds chirping and fall leaves rustling in the trees around me, as I clumsily type this out on my phone. It’s too nice out to sit behind my computer.

It’s election week in the US amidst the pandemic and everything else going on, and the past roughly 48 hours to 8 months to 4 years give or take a few have been, to put it simply, A LOT.

When I woke up Wednesday morning after a restless night of little sleep, I felt like someone had literally beaten me up. I physically felt what’s happening, throughout my body. I felt sadness and devastation at the idea that we could have four more years of such drastic levels of suffering and a very real human cost. And a part of me felt hopeful, but scared to even feel that emotion right now. 

I knew I needed to take care of my health first and foremost, so I did everything in my power to prioritize that. 

And after that, my only job was to feel

To feel it all. Whatever came through – to just feel that

I really believe that if we allowed ourselves to feel and process our emotions, and if we had the support and tools needed to actually do that, we wouldn’t be in many of the messes we’re in today. 

That simple internal change – giving yourself permission to feel your emotions – shifts everything.

And allowing ourselves to feel a range of emotions is directly related to our resiliency.

So if all you can muster right now is to just feel what you’re feeling, know that you’re doing enough. 

And know this – Whatever you’re feeling, it’s correct. Yes, whatever emotion you’re feeling is right, because it’s the one you’re feeling. Period.

Sending you love as we move through this challenging terrain. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio