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Doing less, trusting more ✨

There’s something about the culture we live in that feeds the idea that “I’m not doing enough,” and “I’m not enough.”


Maybe you can relate – Maybe you keep yourself so busy, and feel this pull and drive to do more and BE more. Or you believe, “I can never get it all done.” Continue reading “Doing less, trusting more ✨”

The chaos, the critic, and TRUSTING ✨

Have you ever gone over something for so long that you can’t remember which way is up anymore?? I had that kind of process this week in writing this article. Continue reading “The chaos, the critic, and TRUSTING ✨”

Doubting yourself vs. TRUSTING yourself ✨

This was one of those weeks where I sat and wrote and wrote, and still was unclear what my exact message was. I think because there was SO MUCH to share within it all. So I decided to scrap all of that and start over.

What I really need to share with you today is this realization of just how much we doubt ourselves. And we think it’s normal, or don’t even think about it at all, because we’re so used to it and it’s gone unconscious for the most part. Continue reading “Doubting yourself vs. TRUSTING yourself ✨”

Who are you really? And why that question matters

I’m just getting back from my honeymoon and my first time being in the eastern world… Oh Bali 😊 I think of her with such a smile on my face!


I received a lot of gifts from my time there. Keys to a happier life, that I believe the Balinese people can offer to us westerners. Continue reading “Who are you really? And why that question matters”

Love, MAGIC, and Soaring through Upper Limits – A Wedding Story

So where do I begin? If you’ve been reading some of my last few posts, you know I recently got MARRIED!! About a week and a half ago. 😍✨ Continue reading “Love, MAGIC, and Soaring through Upper Limits – A Wedding Story”

3 (More) Life Lessons from Planning a Wedding

The day is almost here! In just a few days, I’ll be married!! 😄✨💕 Continue reading “3 (More) Life Lessons from Planning a Wedding”

How to Shift out of Panic and Overwhelm

Oftentimes when we’re overwhelmed or in a state of panic, the first thing we want to do is get out of it somehow. Continue reading “How to Shift out of Panic and Overwhelm”

3 Ways to Let Go of Comparison

This week, I’m guest coaching in a local Facebook group called Everyday Inspired. I was inspired to create a 5-day comparison detox challenge for the group, and as I know comparison can run rampant, I thought you all might enjoy the wisdom and benefits from the challenge as well! Continue reading “3 Ways to Let Go of Comparison”

Want more connection in your relationships?

This week, I wanted to share about how to feel more connected in your relationships. And I was going to write steps and how-to’s.


In fact, I wrote a whole other article with just that. But as I was writing it, it just didn’t feel right…


Although that’s important, this is such a matter of the heart. So I needed to purely write this from the heart (which is a part of us that isn’t as concerned with steps and how-to’s). Continue reading “Want more connection in your relationships?”

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