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In times of uncertainty, you can be sure of this ✨

With all the chaos up in the air, I have so much to share with you, but what feels most important right now is to offer you a place to anchor when the seas feel stormy.


I know the landscape of uncertainty very well. My unconscious disdain for it in the past is what allowed me to dive into the deepest depths of fear, anxiety, and OCD. I became very intimate with the part of me that was just not ok with not knowing. Continue reading “In times of uncertainty, you can be sure of this ✨”

The “I’m not doing enough” lie


Are you as ready for a break as I am? Continue reading “The “I’m not doing enough” lie”

A Surprising Reason for Overwhelm


I was talking to a client this morning that shared with me that he felt totally overwhelmed, exhausted, depleted, and relatively numb. Can you relate? Continue reading “A Surprising Reason for Overwhelm”

Overthink much? Time to DECIDE.

So much has been up in the air already in 2020, am I right? And we’re only half way into January! Continue reading “Overthink much? Time to DECIDE.”

A Powerful Process to Bless and Release 2019 + 2020 Create and Dream!

The end of the year is almost here! I can’t believe it, and at the same time, it feels like such perfect timing.


This year was just about a million different things, all wrapped up in one single year. How about for you? I’m guessing there were some highs and lows! Continue reading “A Powerful Process to Bless and Release 2019 + 2020 Create and Dream!”

Could your self-talk use an upgrade?

How are you speaking to yourself right now?

Has it been lovely and supportive? 😄

Or mayyybe, without even realizing it, that inner critical voice:

  • has been hard on yourself for what you didn’t get done…
  • or said that you’re not doing enough
  • or been telling you that you’re not good enough, whether for that person, or in that job, or otherwise…
  • or been telling yourself that you can’t have the things you truly desire, because you are not worth it
  • or that you didn’t do good enough

Continue reading “Could your self-talk use an upgrade?”

When “YES” will set you free ✨

What’s your relationship to resistance?


Do you move towards it when it comes up?

Do you even notice it?

If you do, do you give in?


Whatever it is, it’s worth exploring ✨ Continue reading “When “YES” will set you free ✨”

The Magic of SIMPLICITY ✨

If you find yourself doubting yourself a lot, for example:


  • over-thinking your decisions
  • feeling not good enough
  • feeling like you’re not doing enough
  • feeling fear to be yourself or speak up…


Or if you feel in overwhelm, chaos, and under pressure…


read on. Continue reading “The Magic of SIMPLICITY ✨”

Doing less, trusting more ✨

There’s something about the culture we live in that feeds the idea that “I’m not doing enough,” and “I’m not enough.”


Maybe you can relate – Maybe you keep yourself so busy, and feel this pull and drive to do more and BE more. Or you believe, “I can never get it all done.” Continue reading “Doing less, trusting more ✨”

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