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Letting my hair down

Maybe you’ve felt a need to hold on to something that feels safe or familiar, or to understand, or have things “figured out”…


Or you’ve been judging yourself, your process, or where you’re at in life…


Maybe it’s been strong, or somewhere in the background…


If so, I can understand. Continue reading “Letting my hair down”

The Power in the Pause

Life is uncertain. Constantly changing.


Even the things that are planned out are just plans, not certainty.


Continue reading “The Power in the Pause”

A Letter from Within Me

You are perfectly where you’re meant to be, dear one.

There is nothing you need to know in this moment that you don’t already know.

Just be. Just for a moment. Slow down to feel the safety in what is. The perfection in this moment, just as it is.

Can you feel that? Continue reading “A Letter from Within Me”

The POWER of your values

Do you sometimes feel at the whim of your emotions, or bombarded, distracted, or defeated by your random and negative thoughts? Read on, warrior! Continue reading “The POWER of your values”

5 Things That Will Help You During Change (and Throughout Life in General)

If you’re hear reading this, chances are you’re not someone who settles… You’re someone who wants to grow, thrive, and experience peace, joy, and love.

So yay for this!!

And truth bomb: with that inevitably comes periods of growth. 😝

Continue reading “5 Things That Will Help You During Change (and Throughout Life in General)”

Creating Connection through The Power of Vulnerability

In our culture, the word “vulnerable” is assumed to connote a weakness.

What does this word mean to you? Continue reading “Creating Connection through The Power of Vulnerability”

How to Grow through Change and Challenges

On the path to your highest self (and the life you dream of living), there are going to be things that you cannot go around. You have to go THROUGH them.


I’m experiencing one of those such times right now. Continue reading “How to Grow through Change and Challenges”

When Thinking is Overrated and What to Do Instead

This may come as a surprise to you, but thinking is overrated.

Continue reading “When Thinking is Overrated and What to Do Instead”

Wanting to change, but scared of what will happen if you do?


Are you scared of what will happen if you change? Do you keep bumping up against a block to moving forward?

Continue reading “Wanting to change, but scared of what will happen if you do?”

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