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What if authentic self-expression is a part of what your soul NEEDS?

I have a question for you.

What if authentic self-expression is a part of what your soul NEEDS?

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Feeling overwhelmed? Try this.

This week I led a small group of women on a hike in the Cleveland Metroparks. We took to the trails for an hour and a half, going deep in conversation and coaching. We had a powerful discussion around things like, “What makes a rich life?”, “What is your inner critic telling you right now? What’s the truth?”, and powerfully setting intentions around what we wanted to receive from the hike and from the nature around us. Continue reading “Feeling overwhelmed? Try this.”

5 Ways to Choose Process over Perfection

You know how sometimes life can bring you a challenge, and it’s like you get swept up in this tornado of it, and you’re in the inside, and all you can see is the challenge itself? Continue reading “5 Ways to Choose Process over Perfection”

How to Give Resistance and Fear a Big Hug

“The more important an activity is to your soul’s evolution, the more resistance you will feel to it. The more fear you will feel.” –Steven Pressfield Continue reading “How to Give Resistance and Fear a Big Hug”

8 Simple Ways I’m Manifesting My Dreams (and You Can Too)

With 2018 now in the rear view mirror, as I look back, parts of it are just a blur. It was full of SO MUCH. For me, I spent a lot of the year digging deep within myself to do the mental, emotional, and spiritual work that I was being called into, that would be required for me to up level my life in the ways I wanted. I took bigger leaps than I’ve ever taken, and life felt like a roller coaster to say the least. Ups and downs, all the time. Continue reading “8 Simple Ways I’m Manifesting My Dreams (and You Can Too)”

How to Thrive Through the Holidays and During Travel

Happy new year!! How is this year starting off for you? For me, it’s been all the things – I spent time traveling to see friends and family, took a break from work, and spent time at home decluttering and creating a fresh space for this new year and next phase in my life.

The holidays and travel can be such a mixed bag. I find that time away from work and routine can be refreshing and at the same time disorienting. What helped me over this past holiday was to remember to: Continue reading “How to Thrive Through the Holidays and During Travel”

11 Steps to a Miracle

How do you go from:

  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety
  • Not loving or valuing yourself
  • Toxic relationships
  • Sadness or depression
  • Feeling burdened and trapped
  • Feeling powerlessness to your patterns or circumstance



  • Having peace within!
  • Feeling Joy!
  • Having amazing and soul-satisfying relationships!
  • Knowing and LOVING who you are, and being clear on your purpose and why you’re here!
  • Feeling empowered!
  • Feeling free!

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Breakdown to Breakthrough

A breakdown always precedes a breakthrough.


I’m going through a massive upleveling in my life right now. And you want to know what’s helping me most? Letting the breakdown happen. Continue reading “Breakdown to Breakthrough”

How to Stop Caring What Other People Think

That pesky fear of being judged…
How does it show up in your life?
I know I experience it when I think about putting myself out there more, and sharing my message in a bigger or more vulnerable way.

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