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3 (More) Life Lessons from Planning a Wedding

The day is almost here! In just a few days, I’ll be married!! 😄✨💕 Continue reading “3 (More) Life Lessons from Planning a Wedding”

How to Shift out of Panic and Overwhelm

Oftentimes when we’re overwhelmed or in a state of panic, the first thing we want to do is get out of it somehow. Continue reading “How to Shift out of Panic and Overwhelm”

3 Ways to Let Go of Comparison

This week, I’m guest coaching in a local Facebook group called Everyday Inspired. I was inspired to create a 5-day comparison detox challenge for the group, and as I know comparison can run rampant, I thought you all might enjoy the wisdom and benefits from the challenge as well! Continue reading “3 Ways to Let Go of Comparison”

Want more connection in your relationships?

This week, I wanted to share about how to feel more connected in your relationships. And I was going to write steps and how-to’s.


In fact, I wrote a whole other article with just that. But as I was writing it, it just didn’t feel right…


Although that’s important, this is such a matter of the heart. So I needed to purely write this from the heart (which is a part of us that isn’t as concerned with steps and how-to’s). Continue reading “Want more connection in your relationships?”

6 Ways to Stop Over Thinking

I can’t tell you how good it feels to think less.

Continue reading “6 Ways to Stop Over Thinking”

3 Life Lessons from Planning a Wedding

I’m about to get married – I can’t believe it! Wow, it’s really coming up. It feels very surreal right now, but in just over a month, the “big day” will be here. Continue reading “3 Life Lessons from Planning a Wedding”

How to feel emotionally free right now

I was with my sister last week – a soulmate best friend of mine ❤️ – and she said one day, “My only intention today is to be kind to myself.”

💖😍💕 Continue reading “How to feel emotionally free right now”

How to Loosen the Grip of Perfectionism

Happy Summer!! OMG I am SO excited for the beautiful weather and the summer months ahead ☀️😎 (here in the Northern Hemisphere – If you’re reading this in the Souther Hemisphere, Happy Winter!)

I’ve noticed that lately I’ve had even more of a bird’s eye view on patterns – what works for people, and what doesn’t work. It’s made me look at the patterns in my own life, especially the ones where I’ve created shifts in the recent years, and noticed the biggest impact. Continue reading “How to Loosen the Grip of Perfectionism”

Are you tired of people pleasing?

I’ve been talking to a lot of people recently who have shared the same thing – They find themselves people pleasing in some form, all the time, and it’s costing them.

Continue reading “Are you tired of people pleasing?”

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