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Angst, Exhaustion, Impatience, Oh My!

Although I may not know exactly what you’re going through, based on what I’ve been experiencing, and the many other people I’ve talked to, my guess is you’re feeling some level of angst, exhaustion, and impatience right now. Ami right?

And whether or not you’re feeling those things, what I’m about to share will be helpful either way.

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Does the world move too fast for you?

All of this isolation time has really helped me, for the first time in my life, begin to really discover what my natural rhythm and pace is. Continue reading “Does the world move too fast for you?”

What would you do with a life changing opportunity?

Hi Loves,

It’s come as no surprise to me that it took me many attempts and a long time to write this article.

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The most important thing right now ❤️

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been learning so much, and so fast. Things that I’ve been asking myself, “Why am I just learning this now?” Continue reading “The most important thing right now ❤️”

How to get some weight off your shoulders

Hi loves,


I have lots to share with you, but some of it is gonna have to wait. Here’s why:


During this pandemic time, I’m doing my best to take care and to nurture myself. I believe that if we don’t do this, we can’t bring our gifts out into the world. Continue reading “How to get some weight off your shoulders”

A powerful calming tool at the tip of your fingers ✨

The time we’re in right now is a time we will remember forever. It is changing us. There is transformation – deep transformation – happening on a global scale, as well as at the personal level. Continue reading “A powerful calming tool at the tip of your fingers ✨”

Let yourself be where you’re at ❤️

Writing, these past few weeks, has been so challenging. Especially sharing the writing… Well, a lot of things have been challenging.

Along with all the change that’s going on in the world, and the hardships and losses, I’ve been processing a lot of sadness. It’s a feeling that I’ve grown to be more accepting of over the years. Continue reading “Let yourself be where you’re at ❤️”

Could you use some relief and some clarity right now?

This past week, it’s been hard to think, and hard to focus. So much is happening, all at once. I’ve felt vulnerable, and it felt hard to know what to share, when there was just so much. I wasn’t sure how to have the output, when it felt like I needed so much processing and turning inward. Continue reading “Could you use some relief and some clarity right now?”

In times of uncertainty, you can be sure of this ✨

With all the chaos up in the air, I have so much to share with you, but what feels most important right now is to offer you a place to anchor when the seas feel stormy.


I know the landscape of uncertainty very well. My unconscious disdain for it in the past is what allowed me to dive into the deepest depths of fear, anxiety, and OCD. I became very intimate with the part of me that was just not ok with not knowing. Continue reading “In times of uncertainty, you can be sure of this ✨”

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