You are more powerful than you know.

And you deserve a life where you’ve found freedom from OCD and perfectionism.

Do you want to find a better and simpler way to live life, where you feel free from OCD and perfectionism, and are able to feel CONFIDENT, PEACEFUL, and ENJOY life?

It’s is possible to go from feeling trapped, limited, burdened, and controlled by OCD and perfectionism to enjoying life again, feeling peaceful and at ease, and finding your freedom!!

How much do you resonate and relate to the below?

Does this describe you?

You’re an intelligent, driven, and capable woman. You’ve been on a path to self-discovery for a while, but still find there are certain struggles you haven’t been able to move through. You’re hoping for so much more for your life! But not sure where to go from here.

Maybe you’ve only just worked up the courage to admit you want to change and could use some help.

You feel some shame around struggling in this way, but deep down you know there’s a better way, and you’re is finally starting to come out of hiding about that.

Your intelligence has allowed a lot to go well for you in your life. You’ve done well in school, and tried many different things, each of which you’ve found somewhat easy and to take on quickly, but nothing has felt very meaningful. You have a support system in your life and interests you pursue, though not fully, because your OCD and perfectionism require a lot of your time and energy in coping and surviving.

You struggle in your relationship with yourself. For years, because of various traumas (big or small), you’ve stuffed down your feelings, and found ways to cope with them to feel better. You don’t quite understand how to relate to your thoughts or feelings, and you’re sensitive, feeling things deeply.

Experiencing difficulty in relating to and dealing with your emotions, you struggle at times to stay afloat. You often feel lost and confused as to what’s really going on here. You know you have so much potential, deep inside, but the part of yourself that is critical and self-doubting is so much bigger at this moment in your life.

You deeply want to understand yourself. You want to have clarity around what you’re meant to do, your purpose. But far too much of your energy is spent just trying to stay afloat, and trying to feel some peace in your world, that often feels overwhelming, confusing, and heavy. You often judge yourself as not being good enough and believe this to be matter of fact. You know there has to be a better way!

The parts of your life that cause the most frustration are when you’ll get stuck obsessing on things that you don’t want to be a big deal, but they feel like the biggest deal, and sometimes it’s all you can think about. You’re frustrated, not understanding how to relate to your thoughts, and frustrated that you have to spend so much time trying to make yourself feel better, coping, and hoping that you’re loved.

You don’t want to hide anymore.

You hate that you have so much you feel you need to hide from others. You just want to be free but this peace and freedom feels so elusive and out of reach!

Most of the time feels like survival mode, and just getting by, especially emotionally and psychologically. You long to have relationships that are meaningful, and hope to one day be spending your time doing things you LOVE, and being able to be PRESENT with the ones you love. But often your mind is elsewhere, and you feel pulled away. There are moments of fulfillment, however they’re fleeting because of the burden you feel by this confusion and a feeling of being trapped in your situation.

You have many goals you have yet to achieve, and deeply want to. You hope to have a romantic relationship one day where you can be fully yourself, fully seen, and ADORED! You hope to have more energy to put towards the adventure of self-discovery. You hope to move out hating your body and into feeling not only comfortable, but feeling confident in the skin you’re in. You want to move into a life where you’re choosing everyday to do things you LOVE! You want to be one of those fierce, confident woman who loves herself and loves her life. You deeply desire to understand your purpose and where you’re being called to serve. Deep down you know you have so much potential, but your burdens have just taken up so much of your time that you haven’t even begun to dive in here.

You often find yourself comparing yourself to others. You want to look a certain way, or just be able to feel that calm that others feels. You often feel not good enough, and not liked or loved. You don’t feel seen, and are scared to be seen. You find yourself thinking that others have it easier than you, and that you’re “not normal” and “there’s something wrong with me”. You’re often thinking, “This shouldn’t be this hard!”

You’re way more judgemental of yourself than others are of you. You often feel that you’ve had outside support, but your internal situation and dialogue has created problems for yourself and your life, and made things that should be easy very difficult. You say, “There must be something wrong with me.” “I shouldn’t feel this way.” “I’m too emotional.” “Why can’t I just let this go?!” “I’m fat. I’m ugly.” “I must be going crazy.” “I’m defective.”

Right now, you’re most craving PEACE. You want to understand what’s going on. You want to shift your relationship with yourself, and be able to feel confidence, and to feel loved. You want to feel FREE, and no longer entangled in anxiety and perfectionism. You want to take your power back.

You feel jealous of women who are confident, and of people who seem to let things roll off their shoulders. You envy those who are go with the flow, and just seem to be enjoying life. You admire people who know who know and love who they are, and feel ease in their day to day and making decisions, and want that for yourself.

You’re generally optimistic, though often confused and hard on yourself. You don’t realize the pessimism in those times, and when it’s illuminated, you’d choose the optimistic path – you just need that guidance.

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Some words that you use to describe your current situation: difficult, struggle, painful, tense, confusing, holding back, frustration, heavy, powerless, trapped, scared, longing, helpless, overwhelming, lost

Some words that describe your future and what you’re longing for: open, hopeful, optimistic, curious, free, peaceful, enjoying, confident, seen, loved, release, expansion


You take personal responsibility for your life, however, you lack clarity, and feel very confused. You long to operate differently than you do. Most of the time the way things are feel so automatic and like they control you rather than the other way around – like you have no say… The script you always have on replay in your mind is, “I just want to feel better. I don’t understand why things are so difficult for me.” You often find yourself feeling such deep emotions that you just want to run and hide.

You haven’t really tapped into your full potential, not because you don’t want to, but because you’re not clear where to put your energy and focus. And you’ve spent so much time in your head. You’re a perfectionist, and a lot of your energy goes into trying to “get it right”, in the hopes that you’ll be ok and you’ll be liked and loved. You’re always trying to control situations in order to guarantee for yourself that you’ll feel ok, and to avoid feeling negative emotions because of how deeply you feel them, and because you haven’t developed the skills to feel them. You over-achieve and right now, you don’t know that who you are is ENOUGH… but deep down somewhere you know it’s possible that this is true.

When you accomplish something, you’re often looking to outsiders for approval. “Was it good?” “What do people think of what I said?” “How am I being viewed.” You find yourself living your life in your head. You procrastinate because you’re afraid you won’t get it right.

The current excuses you tell yourself are that you’re trying and you don’t know what you can do, or you avoid the topics all together and people don’t prod you on it.

The reason you haven’t taken action yet is because you feel scared and confused. You want to change, deep down, but it’s so unfamiliar. You’re waiting to feel a little more secure. You’re holding on as tightly as you can, waiting for someone to come and save you. You long for the right guidance. Something that finally works, but wonder if that’s even possible. The drive is there, but you feel confused.


Amidst all this suffering and struggle, there is so much more you want for yourself and your life:


You want to be feel yourself all the time, and not feel like you have to hide huge parts of yourself.

You want to be able to pursue your interests more, and not be pulled away by your anxiety and coping.

You want to have an AMAZING relationship with yourself, and love yourself DEEPLY and TRULY.

You want to feel confident and at ease, in your body, in who you are, and in how you’re showing up in the world.

You want CONFIDENCE and to know that you are enough and you are good enough, always. You want to love the heck out of yourself!

You want to learn how to feel all your feelings, and feel peace knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way.

You want to understand more fully who you are, and your purpose here, and know where you’re heading. You want to have clarity around what you’re being called to do here in life.

You want to unleash your potential and live your big life that’s been waiting for you!!

You want to be free and use your energy towards that things that actually matter to you, not just coping, surviving, and getting by emotionally and psychologically.

You want to feel peace.

You want to have a better relationship with your mind, and understand how it works, and how to be the driver of your life.

You hope to have a romantic relationship one day where you can be fully yourself, fully seen, and ADORED!

You long to have relationships that are meaningful, and hope to one day be spending your time doing things you LOVE, that are fulfilling, and being able to be PRESENT with the ones you love. (But often your mind is elsewhere, and you feel pulled away.)

You want to feel more fulfilled, and feel that you are LIVING life more.

You want to feel FREE.

You want to have more energy to put towards the adventure of self-discovery.

You desire to move out of body jail and being in your head, and into a life where you’re choosing everyday to do things you LOVE!

You want to feel happy about where you are in life.

You want to feel calm.

You want to be seen, and have the confidence to be seen.

You want the things that should be easy to feel easy.

You crave community, connection, support, and guidance.

You want clarity.

You want to feel loved.

You want to feel FREE, and no longer entangled in anxiety and perfectionism. You want to take your power back.

You want to be able to allow things to roll off your shoulders, and to be able to go with the flow of life.

You want to ENJOY.

You want to be more loving towards yourself.

You want to feel hope again, and feel EXCITED about life!

You want to understand more clearly who you are.

You want to be able to let go a little more.

You want transformation.

You want to feel courage to make the changes you need to make.

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You feel held back from getting the right support because:

How many of these resonate with you?

You don’t know where to turn for support.

You think you can’t invest in yourself.

You’ve read every book on the subject and you’re still stuck.

You’re busy and think you don’t have the time to work 1:1 with someone.

You believe you’re a lost cause.

You feel fine at the moment.

You don’t want to admit to yourself what’s really going on.

You’ve worked with therapists before and haven’t gotten the results you wanted.

You wouldn’t know where to begin.

You think, “Why would this work if everything else hasn’t?”

Deep down, you’re scared that change might be hard or scary, and it means you might have to talk about difficult things and you don’t want to.

You think you can’t handle it.


Let’s be honest for a minute. Most likely:

You’re so sick of feeling trapped. You want to be able to do simple things without anxiety, can’t handle hiding anymore, and just want to feel free and feel some peace. You don’t want to put up anymore with being in social situations and feeling so much anxiety around needing to control. You want to be able to expand your life, and know that it’s getting harder to control everything, so it’s make it or break it. Either you hide forever, or you finally step forward, and learn how to let go. You know that life isn’t meant to feel this way, and you have no idea how to get better on your own. You’ve worked SO HARD just to feel okay. It just doesn’t add up, and you’ve GOT to try something different. The cycle is driving you crazy and you’re so sick of getting nowhere.

You’re running out of energy and resources to keep up with the hiding, fixing, and coping. It’s starting to consume more of your life. You know that if you don’t do something now, this is going to continue consuming more of your energy and your precious life.

I know this because I’ve been there.

I struggled with an eating disorder for about 13 years. It took about 11 of those years to admit to myself what was going on, about 12 of those years to even speak the words that I needed help, and another two years after that to discover the OCD piece and begin to heal there.

Growing up, I never learned how to feel my feelings. I never learned how to talk about them, and because I felt things so deeply, this was confusing. Since I never gained the skills to know how to feel my feelings, I developed other skills to deal with them that included controlling and coping and came in the form of anxiety disorders.

I felt lost and confused, and wondered who I really was, but didn’t have a strong sense of self because I didn’t know how to hear my own inner voice. Though I don’t know how long I’ve had OCD, growing up, starting from a young age, I lived in my head. I constantly worried about what other people think of me. I felt less than. It wasn’t until I began gaining awareness, acknowledging it, and working on my self-worth and my connection to myself and to LOVE, that I was able to begin to shift the whole belief system I’d created that fueled my disorders.

Somehow (and I believe this is SO common, especially for women), I had learned how to not love myself, how to not believe in myself. I developed habits of discrediting myself, and doubting my decisions, let alone my worth.

It took years of torture, suffering, and struggle to learn the lessons I needed to learn to find freedom from my eating disorder, perfectionism, and OCD. It was a looooong and winding path becoming aware of the relationship I had with myself, and beginning to heal and transform it.

Fortunately, by the grace of God, I was able to diagnose myself with OCD in my late twenties. I believe a correct diagnosis is a privilege because it opens up a world of relevant resources, healers, therapies, awareness, CHOICE, and knowledge. I worked day-in and day-out to learn what I needed to learn, and do the difficult work of going from the entrapment of OCD to feeling FREEDOM. I had to completely transform my belief system, retrain my brain, and begin to take divine care of myself, my mind, and my body.

I remember the MOMENT I made the decision that I would no longer compare myself to others. (I was riding my bike on a family vacation on an island in Lake Erie.)

I remember the moment I made the decision to love myself unconditionally. (I was driving on the highway I-90.)

These choices did not come easily and they required me to stretch, learn, and grow into the next version of myself.

You see, when you make a decision to love yourself more, in whatever way, the Universe opens up to deliver you everything you need to make that happen.

I made these decisions, and I committed to them, treated them as the vows that they were, took them seriously, and made this commitment to be of utmost importance above all else.

Then I found and committed to the support that I needed.

And I remember the moment I said yes to working with a recovery coach.

The only difference between a woman who feels trapped, limited, drained, and controlled by OCD and perfectionism, and a woman is free to enjoy life, feel present, peaceful, confident, and at ease, and put her energy towards living, is that a woman who feels free has found the perfect support.


To continue on in the entrapment of OCD, the cost is your life. LIFE is at stake. If we stay living controlled by OCD and perfectionism, we continue to feel trapped – Trapped in our heads and in a life that is limited by the constraints of this state of mind. Trapped in a hate for oneself. Trapped and never realizing our full potential. Spending life coping and never fully living. Or worse, life getting even smaller than what it’s been limited to already.


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