“If you’re thinking of getting a life coach I highly recommend Angie. I find myself an all around happier person with a much more positive take on life since committing to Angie’s program. I found it extremely easy to talk and open up to her from the start. She is smart, honest and offers an amazing perspective on life. I really feel her investment in me was equal to mine in her and the program. I thank Angie for helping me become a better version of myself.”

– Adam, Philadelphia, PA


After my first meeting with Angie, I knew I was in good hands. So, I decided to fully commit to her program. Five months later, I can tell you it was the best decision I have ever made.  She got me out of my head, and onto the right path. I am now doing more of what I love, and living a passionate life.  I have started taking risks and believing in myself. During our time together, I Left a toxic, draining relationship and have since created new satisfying ones. Letting go of perfectionism and caring what other people think, has allowed me to discover more of who I am and start loving myself.  Angie has given me the tools to become unstoppable and actually enjoy life. I would highly recommend working with Angie! 

– Matthew, Cleveland, OH




“Before working with Angie, I had some limiting beliefs and fears that were holding me back from taking steps I knew I wanted to take in my life. I had a hard time figuring out what those blocks were, but Angie has a gift of asking the right questions to bring the answers out of me. Her approach gets to the root of things, and at the same time it’s very loving and gentle. Working with Angie has left me with lots of “aha!” moments and a greatly increased sense of inner peace and clarity.”

– Christine, Winter Haven, FL



“I truly love working with Angie, she is an incredible guiding light in my life, no matter dark things have seemed.

Angie has helped me to form an entirely new way of understanding my mind, myself and life, one step at a time, and I am so grateful for who I am today and the freedom I am experiencing.

Angie has always met me exactly where I’m at with understanding, wisdom and belief in me. I am truly grateful for Angie’s coaching and presence in my life, today I am a woman who is and who feels empowered and bursting with gratitude for what I am doing and creating in my life.”

– Grace, Australia



“I have been working with Angie for 3 months now. It is hard to explain what her services offered me but it has been life changing. She has provided direction for me in both a professional and personal way. Helping me find direction in what I want to do and who I really am. She taught me to understand I am perfect just the way I am, I can’t change what others think or how they think of me, how to stop those negative scripts from running in my mind (making assumptions about me and assumptions about what others are thinking) and becoming more comfortable with myself and finding inner peace. She also taught me it is never too late to make changes…and that means at any age! It was with her support and direction I have done so much with reaching out and trying things….with so much success! She has helped me release my inner bohemian and artist!”

– Liz, Cleveland, OH



“I have been so lucky to have Angie in my life. By the end of our talks I always find that I can “get a deep breath”, if that makes sense. She eases my anxiety by helping me talk out whatever the issue or fear is and has such an understanding and supportive way of guiding me through it. One of the most beneficial things I’ve learned from Angie, and there are A LOT of things I’ve learned from her, is how to handle my anxiety ON MY OWN. I know that is the most valuable because I can carry it with me throughout my whole life. In the meantime I’m lucky that she’s been able to be there for me when I really need her. Thank you, Angie!!!”

– Rachel, Los Angeles, CA



“It has been an incredible experience working with Angie. She has allowed me to go from feeling chaotic and overwhelm to feeling resourceful and hopeful. She guides me to source from within and reminds me that my life “can change in an instant”.

She is incredibly empathetic, reliably validating, and gently challenging in her approach. After two sessions with Angie, I informed the psychoanalyst that I had been seeing for 10 months that I was no longer going to be working with him. I realized that two sessions with Angie helped me to take a huge step towards my goals; a step that I was not able to take while working with my psychoanalyst.

I plan to continue working with Angie. I feel that she is capable and quite skilled at tackling a wide range of life issues. I have found me a gem!”

– Katherine, Clayton, NJ



“Working with Angie has been incredible. She has a way of taking a problem I have that seems so complicated and overwhelming, and she turns it into a simple equation with problem and possible solutions. She not only listens, but somehow understands even the things that I’m not able to express very well in words. It’s as if she knows my struggle before I can even grasp what it is that I’m struggling with or trying to solve. I have found that I often reflect on advice she has given me in the past, and it helps in future situations as well. It is hard to even put into words the difference she has made in my life. If I had to summarize it into one word I guess I would say “ease.” I feel that I can live more at ease because of the many tools she has given me. What an incredible gift she has, and I’m so thankful that she has shared it with me!”

– Becca, Cleveland, OH



“My experience with Angie has been nothing short of life-changing. She is so nurturing, kind-hearted, and very attentive. She is highly intuitive and has helped me piece together a lot of chaotic details in my life that I did not connect on my own. This has led to some significant epiphanies about my life as it is and where I will go in the future. Also, her demeanor has a natural calming affect, which helps when you’re going through high-stress situations or life circumstances. When she talks to you, you can’t help but be honest because with her it is a judge free zone. This is so important to me, as I feel like coaching sometimes can feel a bit more militant and action-based, and she allows me to really feel into the root of my issues. Ultimately, this helps me be a better life partner, friend, and business owner. I’ve recommended Angie to my friends and family and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for understanding and sound guidance in building the next steps for a better future.”

– June, Los Angeles, CA



“Angie helped me re-connect with my true self. The self that I’ve always been, but was hidden beneath the weight of a series of misconstrued belief systems. She helped me find a sense of inner peace and contentment. Her positive energy and intuitive understanding are true gifts. When I had difficulty putting thoughts and emotions into words, Angie was able to consistently word them back to me in ways that truly resonated. She helped me engage in the very scary (at first) act of letting myself fully feel each and every emotion I encountered throughout the day. I learned not to judge my emotions or sort them into categories of “good” or “bad.” When working through uncomfortable emotions, I learned to utilize those moments as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. My work with Angie allowed me to realize just how much energy I was putting into worrying about things I had no control over. Because of Angie, I’m now able to ride the waves instead of fighting to swim against them. I highly recommend Angie as a coach. She will help you realize your true power and self-worth.”

– Jill, Columbus, OH



“I’ve loved working with Angie! She kind, compassionate and insightful and always seems to know how to get right to the heart of the matter. She’s an amazing listener and asks great questions that really get me thinking. Her ability to meet you where you are and support you in moving forward in such a loving way is so supportive. I always feel lighter and yet stronger after every interaction with her. I can recommend Angie for anyone wanting to make positive changes in their professional or personal life!”

– Winn, Los Robles, CA



“Angie is a gifted coach, a lovely spirit, and a sincerely motivating, inspiring and intuitive professional. I am continuously amazed at the amazing insights that arise in such seemingly short conversations with her. She is always able to see things from angles I don’t, and yet her suggestions and observations are always delivered in such supportive, kind, clear ways. I can’t thank her enough for her help in my life!”

– Kirsten, Pasadena, CA



“If you’re pondering connecting with Angie Ilg, do it! She is such a warm, sparkly, gentle soul. ❤️”

– Heather, Los Angeles, CA



“My experience with Angie’s Live Free life coaching was extremely beneficial in helping me shape the person I am at this moment. Angie has an eloquent method in helping you realize that your best self has always been within you and gives you a unique set of tools and exercises to make your true colors shine! She is very flexible on scheduling times to meet whether it be on FaceTime or in person over some tea, which was super helpful with my busy schedule! Also, she was always available and quick to respond via email or text at anytime with any personal issues! I highly recommend Angie to anyone who wants to gain a clearer vision of their life’s true purpose! She’s a great friend who is very empathetic and embodies much love for all humans who want to further their self discovery:)”

– Shannon, Rocky River, OH


“Angie is a god send who has truly helped me in so many ways. She helped me figure out the things that were bothering me and holding me back and pointed out things I never noticed that were affecting me. Angie gave me positive, insightful, and realistic advice on how to work on the things I wanted to change. She has uplifted me, encouraged me, and pushed me to be a better me. Taking Angie’s advice has made me believe in myself, love myself, change my mindset, and go after the things I want. Angie’s insight and positivity has transformed me. The most important lesson Angie has taught me is that I am complete just I am. I am so thankful and grateful for the changes and realizations she has helped me with.”

– Crystal, Cleveland, OH


“My coaching session with Angie was highly valuable. With her help I was able to see through a significant road block and gain clarity on my goals. It’s amazing that so much benefit came out of a single session.”

– Joe, Lorain, OH