• is an often misunderstood and misdiagnosed thinking condition ~ it’s probably not what you think it is! 🙂


  • is treatable ~ you can fully recover. ❤


  • is an anxiety disorder (though often confused with OCDP, which is a personality disorder).


  • develops over time because of choices we make ~ and can be unlearned.


  • is estimated to affect about 3% of the population.


  • sometimes does NOT present overtly. This causes misunderstandings because you’re not seeing the commonly known compulsions (like hand-washing) – In fact, people go an average of ten years before even being diagnosed!


  • is unique. Each person experiences it differently. But the overall patterns and fuel for OCD are the same, which is why similar therapy and treatment work for all different “types”.


  • requires understanding, patience, tools, perseverance, and determination in order to move through it towards mental health and FREEDOM!