“Life teaches you how to live it...” –Tony Bennett

Hi ~ I’m Angie 🙂


I’m a coach, writer, speaker, partner, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend.

And life’s biggest challenges have been my greatest blessings.

We all go through sh*t, right? It was my journey through these challenges that has brought me to a place of such JOY, PEACE, and FREEDOM. And I now have the great honor and privilege of helping others move through these similar challenges with more ease and, believe it or not, enjoyment as well. And not only that, but moving BEYOND these challenges into living a life they love…

Yes, I struggled with an eating disorder and OCD for over a decade, but what I really struggled with were deeply rooted misunderstandings about myself and about life, and where I wanted to place my attention. I made choices over and over to practice anxiety, in many different ways. For a long time, I was far away from myself and who I truly was, and all of the power and potential within.

Moving through these challenges led me to really dig deep and define what it is that is most important to me and what I most value. I moved from merely surviving to feeling alive, free, and exploring, “What is in my heart to create?

This journey completely changed the way I understand and view thoughts and emotions, and in doing so, gave me a clearer sense of who I really am. I tapped into a part of myself that I knew was there, but didn’t have access to with anxiety disorders in the way – For many years, they were a complete distraction, and required a majority of my energy and attention.

I moved from resistance and judgement -> to acceptance.

I moved from disconnection -> to connection.

I moved from self-rejection -> to self-love.

I moved from limitation -> to unlimited possibilities and potential.

I moved from perfectionism -> to embracing mistakes and feeling perfect as I am.

I moved from total entrapment -> to FREEDOM.

I’m so very grateful for these challenges. They have brought to the forefront the amazing gifts that life has to offer in every moment, and allowed me to see how I want to live life, and that I have choice. That I can create anything I truly desire.

Some might go a lifetime without this opportunity. But because of being challenged in these ways, I am stronger, wiser, more open, courageous, and unstoppable. You might say they broke me wide open in the best way possible.

The road to where I am was at times turbulent, confusing, and painful. But I wouldn’t change one thing about the journey. If I had not struggled with my thoughts, emotions, beliefs, body image, self-worth, and understanding of who I was, I wouldn’t have been challenged to grow through them – to see and know true freedom, create the life of my dreams, and help others do the same.

I’ll forever be a student, but I’m dedicated to also being a teacher of a new way of being. You are more powerful than you realize, and I hope to be a part of unlocking that for you. ❤



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