No more sleepless nights worrying. No more indecision. No more feeling trapped by anxiety and perfectionism.

You want to understand who you are, be able to focus on the things you actually care about, and have AMAZING relationships.

You want to feel present, go with the flow, and not care so much about every little thing (that actually doesn’t matter to you!).

But more than anything, you just want to feel some peace in your life.


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Having overcome an eating disorder, OCD, and years of being painfully trapped in my head… (then finally breaking free to create a life I’m fricken’ in LOVE with!) I feel like I already know you pretty well:

  • You wake up in the morning feeling dread because without your say in it, your mind started searching for what you’re supposed to worry about.
  • Anywhere from often to constantly, you feel anxiety running through your body. It’s so distracting that you end up feeling overwhelmed, forgetful, or confused about living in this state.
  • You’re frustrated that you just can’t seem to let things go or make the change, and your mind gets stuck on loop and repeat about negative and unwanted things.
  • You feel ruled by your emotions: You find yourself desperately trying to feel better by asking a friend to reassure you, running through things one million times in your head to figure it out, or trying anything just to feel differently than you do.
  • As a perfectionist, you spend so much of your time and energy redoing things to “get it right”, or you never start them in the first place.
  • The biggest bully in your life is yourself: constantly criticizing what you do, who you are, what you think, how you feel, and how you look.
  • After a day of trying really hard and still feeling overwhelmed, you climb into bed hoping somehow things will be different tomorrow, but feeling discouraged that you’re still not sure what the solution is, and nothing seems to be changing…

Am I reading your mind right about now?! If so, you’re in the right place!

And I get it! In fact, I hear it over and over from amazing, smart people just like you. They’re trying so hard, but just still STUCK.


Although you’ve read all the books and gone to therapy, you still can’t seem to find what works. Maybe you’ve been told you’ll just “manage” your whole life. Still deep down, you know there’s a better way…

But you start think, There’s something wrong with me.

The thing is, after spending so much time and energy overthinking things, living in your head, and getting quick emotional fixes, you’re simply more setup for anxiety than for peace. Even if it’s not what you want, it probably feels somewhat natural to you!

And when you’re controlled by your thoughts and emotions in this way, you completely miss out on LIFE. Your relationships suffer. And you feel like you’re never truly living or enjoying!

Not to mention, with all this fear and anxiety, it’s hard to really know who you are and what you want. And when you continue down that path feeling trapped, life just gets smaller and smaller.



I’m Angie, and I work with beautiful souls just like you who want to finally feel some peace, have amazing relationships, and enjoy life again.

Let’s be honest – we both know that right now, you’re spending a ton of your time stuck in your head, worrying.

You’ve probably already tried a ton of things to feel better and feel good about who you are, like books, therapy, and google 😉

But despite all your best efforts, you still find yourself full of anxiety, repeating the same patterns, and you can’t seem to find something that actually works!

Want to know what’s missing?

Badass support and guidance from someone who’s been there!

When you know you have the support of someone who can effectively help guide you from A to B, you become super powerful in creating the changes you want.

And when you have this high-level support and accountability, amazing things will start to happen in your life and your relationships.

With the support of coach who’s been where you are, you become powerful in creating change. Amazing things start to happen within yourself, your relationships, and your life.

Just imagine…

  • Waking up and feeling calm, clear-headed, and EXCITED to start the day.
  • Actually having attention for the things you LOVE. Being present and engaged in them!
  • Feeling calm and confident in social situations and your relationships.
  • Letting things to go with the flow, and winning at it!
  • Handling your thoughts and emotions like a boss!
  • FINALLY understanding your mind, your emotions, and who YOU are.
  • Absolutely LOVING the heck out of yourself and where you’re at in life!


“I have been so lucky to have Angie in my life. By the end of our talks I always find that I can “get a deep breath”, if that makes sense. She eases my anxiety by helping me talk out whatever the issue or fear is and has such an understanding and supportive way of guiding me through it. One of the most beneficial things I’ve learned from Angie, and there are A LOT of things I’ve learned from her, is how to handle my anxiety ON MY OWN. I know that is the most valuable because I can carry it with me throughout my whole life. In the meantime I’m lucky that she’s been able to be there for me when I really need her. Thank you, Angie!!!”

~ Rachel


“I initially hired Angie as a coach because I was struggling to
prioritize my own interests. You might say I was struggling to be
selfish and would overextend myself for others on a regular basis. I
am the owner of a law firm, and this issue arose even at work. As my
company evolved, I felt guilt changing policies and practices,
worrying excessively that it would be more difficult or less enjoyable
for employees.

I also felt guilt associated with thinking positive thoughts about
myself. These issues caused a great deal of stress on a regular basis.

Angie somehow helped me understand the advice I had heard so many
times: we have to take care of ourselves to take care of other people.
Those words have always made sense, but I was never able to follow
them. It was as if my emotions did not understand it although my brain
always had.

I purchased a coaching package from Angie and feel like a new person.
The funny thing is that I am doing almost exactly the same things I
did previously but no longer feel the same guilt and turmoil about
making decisions that factor in my own interests.

Hiring Angie as a Coach was life-changing for me. She has a rare
talent of fostering openness with her clients and at wading through a
sea of emotional turmoil to find the island of tranquility that had
always been there. I highly recommend Angie as a Coach!”

~ Stephen

But you only get these kind of results when you commit to powerful and badass support and guidance.

Introducing The Bold and Peaceful Program: A one-to-one empowerment program for motivated people who want inner calm, confidence, and a happy and fulfilled life!

During this private coaching program, I’ll show you step-by-step how to finally get back in the driver’s seat of your own life, so you no longer feel frustrated that nothing’s working, or like you’re completely controlled by your situation.

We’ll meet via phone, Skype, or in-person, allowing you to prioritize this into your schedule in a way and time that works for you, and receive personalized support to start making changes now.

After each session, you’ll receive customized homework for you to dive into between sessions, keeping you on track, in motion, and working on what matters most to you.

You’ll also have access to support via text and email in between each session, so that when things come up, you can reach out for additional help as needed, and never feel in it alone.

In this private coaching package, you get the dedicated support of a coach who has been where you are, is COMMITTED to helping you achieve the results you want, and will hold you accountable to showing up for yourself – unique from a therapist or counseling relationship, and at a deeper level than a group program.

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With The Bold and Peaceful Program you receive:

  • 1:1 guidance and support that will easily fit into your scheduled, and is customized to meet you where you’re at.
  • Private coaching sessions with a coach who has been where you are, and can show you the exact steps to get to where you want to be.
  • A Signature 6-step Process that’s been proven to get results.
  • Customized assignments, to keep you on track and in motion.
  • Everything you need to break free, including guidance through nine areas of learning that I’ve used to break free myself, and help others to do the same, customized and incorporated at your own pace, so that we’re working on what’s most important and helpful for your growth and transformation.
  • 24/7 support via text and email. You’ll never have to feel like you’re doing this alone!

In The Bold and Peaceful Program, we’ll identify your specific needs to personalize the program and meet you exactly where you’re at. You’ll have access to the following nine areas of learning and transformation:

Awareness and Acceptance

  • Gain awareness into what’s not working, so that you have clarity and insight into what exactly you want to transform.
  • Discover the power of owning and embracing where you’re at.
  • Learn how to struggle less by releasing judgements, and finding acceptance for your thoughts and emotions.

Building Your Strength

  • Empower yourself to raise your willingness to experience all emotions.
  • Begin to loosen the grips of anxiety by switching your engagement style.
  • Learn how to shift your relationship with uncertainty, and even start to like it a little.

Calming Your Mind

  • Begin to develop flexibility in your mind so things no longer feel so stuck or black and white.
  • Feel empowered as you begin to recognize the difference between a thought, an emotion, and your Higher Self.
  • Explore meditation techniques that will train your mind and body to calm down.

Getting Into Your Body and Your Intuition

  • Learn techniques to drop into your body, so you no longer feel so “heady” all the time.
  • Learn how to make decisions like a boss. No more analysis paralysis.
  • Discover the POWER and purpose of your Intuition and begin using it.

Your Belief System

  • Dive deeper into the beliefs that created the disorder.
  • Start to dig up the roots to the beliefs blocking you from moving forward.
  • Rewrite your belief system to one that works FOR you, not against you.

Loving Who You Are!

  • Discover what’s holding you back most from loving who you are.
  • Learn tools to shift this relationship so you’re able to deeply love the heck out of all parts of you.
  • Empower yourself by transforming the most important relationship you’ll ever have (the one with you!), and improve all your relationships by improving this one.

Health Body, Healthy Mind

  • Learn how physical exercise connects you with your Higher Self and improves your connect to your Intuition.
  • Explore ways to move your body that feel good and work for you.
  • Explore and identify ways to optimize food, sleep, and exercise in ways that integrate into your life and help you accomplish your goals.

Disclaimer: I’m not a health coach or a licensed health professional. I will teach you what I know, and what I’ve seen work, and then we’ll work together to find the best resources for optimizing your health and accomplishing these goals. We can explore any additional resources/support you may need depending on your goals. This is not a health program, however transforming your life and finding freedom from anxiety and perfectionism requires exploring all facets.

Focusing on What You Want

  • Dive deep into the power of focus and attention.
  • Establish your value systems.
  • Explore and identify what lights you up, and begin incorporating it NOW.

Envisioning the Future

  • Create your unique vision for your life, so you’re clear on where you’re going.
  • Learn about effective goal setting, so you can get there faster.
  • Learn techniques to manifest what you desire, so you can create the life you’re dreaming of!

Angie Ilg founder Live Free Coaching

Hi! I’m Angie. Founder of the The Bold and Peaceful Program.

I created this program for overly-worried smarties like you, who realize that in order to stop the insanity of spending their life in their heads, they need some outside support and guidance.

I was in your spot not too long ago… honestly wondering if maybe I was just going crazy!

Deep down, I knew that I had this INFINITE potential, but all of my energy was being spent worrying, feeling afraid, and trying so hard to not make a mistake.

With all the work I’d done trying to break free, I recognized that I needed support from someone who was a little farther along, and who would be able to help me unlock the wisdom and power I already had within me.

And I know that this is true for you too – You, my darling, HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

At the heart of The Bold and Peaceful Program is the deep desire to empower you to break free from a life based in fear, confusion, and perfectionism, so that you can feel AMAZING and live a life you LOVE!

I know that when you’re stuck in the same negative loops over and over, instead of feeling better, you’re feeling worse. And it can seem like an impossible task to ever get out of the cycles.

But here’s the thing:

It IS possible to break free. And you’re not meant to do this alone.


When you decide to commit to your freedom, and call bullshit on the current operating system, the support you need will make itself evident to you. And big shifts will start to happen when you make the decision to believe in something greater for yourself.

When you invest in yourself in this way, and find the right support, not only will you start to feel more peaceful, present, and happy, but your relationships and your whole life will improve.

In contrast to many of the other options out there, The Bold and Peaceful Program is a private coaching program that is completely customizable, meets you exactly where you’re at, and focuses on creating tangible results NOW. The is a results-driven program, with a coach who is dedicated to your FREEDOM, not to merely managing a disorder or just getting by.

You don’t have to worry if I understand what you’re going through, because I’ve been where you are, and there’s nothing you can say that would surprise me all that much. Through sharing my personal experience and the wisdom I’ve gained along the way, I’m able to create a safe space where you can not only heal and transform, but THRIVE.

Oftentimes other programs focus on the “problems”. But The Bold and Peaceful Program is specifically designed to show you that there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, there’s so much RIGHT, it just a matter of removing what’s been in your way and holding you back. It’s a process peeling back the layers to reveal what’s been underneath all along.

You’ll have the dedicated support of a coach who is there via phone, text, email, video, or in-person. And instead of feeling like a patient or an appointment on the books, together we work collaboratively to get you to exactly where you want to go, and even have a little fun on the way!

By the time our work together is done, you’ll be looking fear and confusion in the face and laughing.

“Working with Angie has been incredible. She has a way of taking a problem I have that seems so complicated and overwhelming, and she turns it into a simple equation with problem and possible solutions. She not only listens, but somehow understands even the things that I’m not able to express very well in words. It’s as if she knows my struggle before I can even grasp what it is that I’m struggling with or trying to solve. I have found that I often reflect on advice she has given me in the past, and it helps in future situations as well. It is hard to even put into words the difference she has made in my life. If I had to summarize it into one word I guess I would say “ease.” I feel that I can live more at ease because of the many tools she has given me. What an incredible gift she has, and I’m so thankful that she has shared it with me!”

~ Becca

I’ve designed this program so that you can have access to all the guidance, support, and accountability you need without having to spend countless hours getting almost nowhere.

With this program, you won’t have to feel confused about what to do anymore or be trying anything but not finding what works.

Not only do we utilize science, research, and experience, but unlike any other program out there, we use intuitive approaches to clarify each next step, completely customizing your path to your unique self.

And you can start feeling more peaceful right away, knowing that you have a coach that’s got your back, and is dedicated to your biggest life and your freedom from anxiety. With our solutions-based approach and your commitment to the program, you’ll begin seeing changes fast.

To guarantee that I provide the high-level support required to help you create real and lasting transformation, and redesign your life, I only work with a limited number of people at any one time.

If you’re feeling called to do the work, and truly transform, apply now! Our first session is complimentary, so that we can gain clarity on what you’re wanting and needing, and discover if this is the next best step for you.

>> Let’s do this! <<

Imagine what’s possible if fear, anxiety, and self-doubt were no longer in the way!

So how do I sign up?!

Simply click on the links on this page or click here to book a time to chat. From there, if it’s a good fit, we’ll set up a complimentary coaching session to get even more clear on what you’re wanting and needing.

In this Breakthrough Relief Call, you’ll be able to get started right away letting go of some of the anxiety and perfectionism, and moving closer to a life you love. ❤ There’s no obligation, so it’s a win win 🙂 This time is truly just for you, and whether we work together in a coaching package or not, your complimentary session will serve you to more further towards your goals and your freedom.

“I have been working with Angie for 3 months now. It is hard to explain what her services offered me but it has been life changing. She has provided direction for me in both a professional and personal way. Helping me find direction in what I want to do and who I really am. She taught me to understand I am perfect just the way I am, I can’t change what others think or how they think of me, how to stop those negative scripts from running in my mind (making assumptions about me and assumptions about what others are thinking) and becoming more comfortable with myself and finding inner peace. She also taught me it is never too late to make changes…and that means at any age! It was with her support and direction I have done so much with reaching out and trying things….with so much success! She has helped me release my inner bohemian and artist!”

~ Liz, Cleveland, OH

You might be wondering, “Is The Bold and Peaceful Program right for me?”

This program is right for you if:

  • You’re fiercely committed to changing your life and feeling better, but haven’t been able to do it on your own.
  • Deep down you know there’s a better way, even if it seems like nothing’s worked so far.
  • You believe in a higher power of your own understanding, or are at least open to the idea.
  • You’ve taken responsibility for your own life, and understand that you create your own reality.
  • You’re READY to do the work even if it’s hard sometimes, are willing to feel uncomfortable, and ready for a program that delivers RESULTS.

This program is not a good fit for you if:

  • You plan to enroll, but aren’t really committed to doing the work required to change your life, or put in the time and effort required for radical transformation.
  • You choose a victim mindset, and don’t believe that you determine your own reality, but rather believe that life just happens to you.
  • You’re content staying where you’re at.
  • You are not open to positivity and positive perspectives.
  • The program does not excite you in the least. You’re not a “YES!” or a “Maaaaybeee….”, but rather a “Meh.”

What people are saying about our work together ~

“I truly love working with Angie, she is an incredible guiding light in my life, no matter dark things have seemed.

Angie has helped me to form an entirely new way of understanding my mind, myself and life, one step at a time, and I am so grateful for who I am today and the freedom I am experiencing.

Angie has always met me exactly where I’m at with understanding, wisdom and belief in me. I am truly grateful for Angie’s coaching and presence in my life, today I am a woman who is and who feels empowered and bursting with gratitude for what I am doing and creating in my life.”

~ Grace, Australia

“Life is hard. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that we can’t do it all on our own. I was hesitant to think that a life coach would really help me. Angie proved the value of being “coached” and learning about, and utilizing, the tools that have helped me better pave my path. Angie offers a great perspective and has helped me work though many of my life obstacles.

Some things that we worked on:

Nurturing my self worth

Realizing and combating unhealthy patterns and habits

Dealing with a high pressure work environment

Home/work life balance

I can’t speak enough praises for Angie, and I am only a better person for investing in myself.”

~ Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions ~

So how much is the investment?

Great question! This is something we cover during our complimentary Breakthrough Relief Call. We offer a couple payment options, and we’ll discuss that when we chat on our call.

Are there refunds?

If it turns out that The Bold and Peaceful Program is a good fit for you, and you’re accepted into the program, we do not offer refunds. This is an investment of your time and money, and we only accept people who are truly ready and willing to do the work. We’re absolutely COMMITTED to your success, and require the same commitment from you. And we guarantee the results, provided you show up for each session and do the tasking assigned each week, which we determine collaboratively.

Don’t worry, it’s not boring homework. Ultimately, recovery is difficult I’ll be honest! But it overall should still feel good. If something isn’t working, we ask that you communicate it with us so that we can continue to tailor the experience and program to exactly what you want and need.

How long will it take to work?

Unfortunately, this isn’t like taking a painkiller and expecting results to kick in in thirty, lol! Recovery is so unique and a different process for everyone who goes through it. It’s something you can’t rush. But that being said, I’ve seen radical transformation FAST with the right support, guidance, mindset, and effort.

Also, this isn’t a quick-fix surface level approach. This is real work that requires you to go deep to dig up the roots of what’s causing your circumstances in the first place. This is the only way to create lasting change. I mean, if you’re going to put in the work, might as well do it for good!

Finding the right support and knowing that you’re not in it alone however does often bring some relief almost instantly, so that can be something to look forward to! I’ve experienced this personally. Even if some things take time to change, knowing that someone’s got your back makes room for hope and a little peace of mind, and can help you shift your focus towards getting the results you want.

What kind of stuff will we work on?

Ok, another great question! I could go on and on about all the stuff we can and will work on. Because this program is totally customizable to your unique self and situation, this will be different for everyone. And honestly, we can work on whatever you want! Besides recovery from an eating disorder and OCD, I’ve dug deep into work on relationships, money, career, health, and spirituality to name a few.

We’ll work on mindset, owning your value and your worth, using your intuition, understanding more what’s going on in your mind and with your emotions, shifting your belief system wherever it’s currently not working for you, moving your body in ways that feel good, meditation, and more.

Why would this program work if others haven’t?

I understand. There are a ton of books out there. There are therapists, and other programs. This program is different because it incorporates not only my unique experiences and wealth of knowledge, a 6-step proven process, but also a holistic approach that covers every aspect of change and transformation.

By investing in The B&P Program, you’re investing in not only a program, but accountability and the unique coaching-client relationship, that offers a higher level of support, connection, and encouragement. Because it’s totally customizable, we only do WHAT WORKS and what delivers RESULTS. I’m fiercely dedicated to your success and your biggest life, and I hope you are too. That is why I only accept a small number of people into the program, in order to be able to fully deliver on my end and guide you to your freedom and the life of your dreams.

You can’t find this specific combination of expertise, customizability, and high-level access with other options.

The Bold and Peaceful Program is unique. Even though it’s hard work, my goal is to make this as enjoyable as possible. Even though it will challenge you, and force you to grow into the next, brighter version of yourself, we can have some fun along the way!


Beautiful Soul,

You know, before I found the support I needed, and did this work, I remember feeling SO confused, and trapped, and wondering if I would EVER not feel anxiety all day long and suffer SO MUCH.

I just knew there had to be better way…

And I’m so glad I took that step, because if I had stayed in a life where all my energy was used just trying to stay afloat, I wouldn’t be free and living the life of my dreams!!

If this is in your heart, well then it is meant for you too

Don’t put your freedom on hold any longer.

With so much love,


>> I want to know more! <<